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Monday, March 19

TEACHER'S PET ms. bauman's canine family

After a long day at school, Ms. Patsy Bauman enjoys some downtime with Pizmo her Boston Terrior, Sadie Mae her rescue Cha-weinie, and Don Cheto her rescued Chihuahua.

Contributed by Ms. Bauman, Citron Campus Kindergarten Teacher 

Friday, July 22

TEACHER'S PET orange coast's fido frenzy contest

Make your pup a star in Orange Coast's Fido Frenzy Contest! 

Sure, you know your canine best friend is a star. But this summer Orange Coast Magazine, a Fairmont partner, wants to give you the chance to let the world see just how adorable your dog is! 
Orange Coast is now accepting entries for this year's Fido Frenzy Contest. Simply click here and post a photo of your pooch along with a little bit about what makes him or her special, and your dog could be featured in the November issue of Orange Coast magazine - and star in a local TV commercial! Additionally, the winner will be recognized at Orange Coast's Fido Frenzy Event on September 24 at The District at Tustin Legacy.

Applications close on August 15th, so be sure to send in your photos soon. We'd love to see some of our Fairmont Teacher's Pets represented.

Good luck! 

Monday, March 14

TEACHER'S PET mia and macy

These are our dogs Mia and Macy! They love to get in the sheets right out of the dryer and bury themselves. Gia named Mia (the one in the back). She is our newest addition. Both dogs are very lovable and Gia plays with them constantly. The picture below is of Mia behind my computer. I got lucky and had the camera ready. The dogs like to sit on my lap and climb on the desk while I work. It makes it hard to get anything done when you have such a cutie on the other side of the monitor!
Contributed by Caryn and Gia Chavez, Anaheim Hills Campus

Want your pet to be featured as next month's Teacher's Pet? Simply e-mail a photo and brief description of your pet to Alyssa at by March 9th! We look forward to your submissions! 

TEACHER'S PET molly the jindo mix

Molly is a 1-year old Jindo mix. She is a rescue from the Pasadena Humane Society. Her favorite activities are going on walks, running around in circles, destroying toys that we buy her, and sitting at my feet, demanding love. Thoroughly spoiled, she knows COME, SIT, and HIGH-FIVE. We are currently working on FETCH and MAKE LATTE.

Contributed by Mr. Yoon, Fairmont Prep Theatre Arts Teacher

Want your pet to be featured as next month's Teacher's Pet? Simply e-mail a photo and brief description of your pet to Alyssa at by March 9th! We look forward to your submissions! 

Monday, February 14

TEACHER'S PET latte and jager

Latte is a 14 month old vizsla/collie mix, and her sister, Jager, is a black lab and just celebrated her first birthday. Latte & Jager’s favorite pastimes include tearing up couch cushions from the patio furniture, chasing the cats around the house, and spending hours on end fetching balls at the Huntington Dog Beach. Latte & Jager’s proud parents are Mr. Wesley Faust, junior high math teacher from Anaheim Hills, and Mrs. Wendy Faust, activities director at the Prep. 

Contributed by Wendy, Fairmont Prep Academy

Want your pet to be featured as next month's Teacher's Pet? Simply e-mail a photo and brief description of your pet to Alyssa at by March 9th! We look forward to your submissions! 

TEACHER'S PET ramone the weimaraner

My name is Daniel, and I am a 2nd grader at Mable. I would like to introduce you to my best friend Ramone. He is a 3 1/2 year old male Weimaraner dog. My family and I got Ramone when he was a puppy at about 3 months old and he has been in the family since then. He is a happy, loving, intelligent dog, but can also be very brave and protective at times. He doesn't do very well with small pets because of his hunting instinct, but he's great with people. He loves to take walks along the river and loves to play wrestling with daddy and I. He is always full of energy and almost never gets tired. He weights about 90 pounds and can knock me down easily, but only when we play since he would never try to hurt me. He is the greatest friend I ever had!

Contributed by Daniel, Mable Campus 

Want your pet to be featured as next month's Teacher's Pet? Simply e-mail a photo and brief description of your pet to Alyssa at by March 9th! We look forward to your submissions! 

Monday, January 17

TEACHER'S PET oscar the pug

This is Oscar. He is 7 years old and his owners are Bridget & Meredith F. from the Edgewood Campus. He likes to curl up on the couch next to the fireplace and act like a cat. We are happy to recognize Oscar as our Teacher's Pet for the month of January :) 

Thank you Bridget and Meredith for your contribution to our blog! 

Want your pet to be featured as next month's Teacher's Pet? Simply e-mail a photo and brief description of your pet to Alyssa at by February 9th! We look forward to your submissions! 

TEACHER'S PET watson the malti-poo

My name is Lucas R. and I attend Fairmont Citron. This is my dog Watson. Watson is a 6 year old Malti-Poo. He is a sweet and loving dog. He likes to run around the house, and we both play tag together. Watson is very smart. He can perform many tricks: lay, sleep, sit, shake, high-five and roll over. He gets along with everyone. He enjoys playing with other dogs. I love my dog Watson very much. He is my Best Friend!

We'd like to thank Lucas from our Citron campus for his awesome contribution this month!

Want your pet to be featured in next month's Teacher's Pet section? Simply e-mail a photo and brief description of your pet to Alyssa at by February 9th! We look forward to your submissions! 

Monday, November 15

TEACHER'S PET walter and maude the bearded dragons

Mr. Joseph Edmisten and his wife, Tracy have been proud owner’s of bearded dragons, Maude and Walter, for about a year and a half. Mr. Edmisten enjoys the reptiles because they are very docile. Recently, Maude laid a total of 65 eggs in three clutches. Clutches are a batch of eggs laid 3 weeks apart.  After Maude laid the eggs, they incubated for 60 to 75 days. After incubation, the baby bearded dragons hatched  and within four weeks they are ready to go to their new families. Bearded dragons originate from the Australian desert. In order to survive in captivity, they need a desert-like climate. Therefore, Mr. Edmisten must keep his environment between 80 and 110 degrees. Due to their hardy nature, bearded dragons have become one of the most popular reptiles in American homes.

Contributed by Mr. Edmisten, Mable Campus

TEACHER'S PET puff the hissing cockroach

Greetings from Room 4!  My name is Puff and I live in a giant tank in Mrs. Bauman’s kindergarten classroom.  I have been in school for about 6 years now as have my many brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and nieces, nephews and cousins.  We live between Cisco the ball python and Tootsie the millipede in a lovely sunny spot near the back of the class.  I think we are the most fortunate class pets on the planet.  We get to see and hear many exciting and new things every day.  Sometimes Mrs. Bauman lets the children hold us.  We like to put on a show for the kids by puffing up and hissing for them.  The best part of our day is when the class brings us their lunch leftovers.  Our favorite lunch item is lettuce.  If it is  really quiet in the class, you can hear us munching.  Stop in for a visit one day, we love to make new friends!

Contributed by Mrs. Bauman, Citron Campus

Tuesday, October 19

TEACHER'S PET roxy and tango

Roxy is a mischievous dog that can perform many tricks, and Tango is a giant guard dog in an 8 pound body.  They both love to play until Tango has had enough, that’s when she puts Roxy in her place.  Both dogs are very well-educated...Roxy is Canine Good Citizen Certified (like doggy college), and Tango will be graduating from Elementary Good Citizen Certification next week!

My favorite memory with Roxy is the first time I met her and she would not stop kissing me. I make new favorite memories with Tango every time she attacks one of her toys and turns into ‘Cujo’!

Contributed by Heather, Anaheim Hills Campus

TEACHER'S PET axel the labrador

Hello, my name is Axel. I am 6 years old. I am a black labrador and am the friendliest dog ever. I love to swim at the beach, play catch with my ball, and make new friends! On the weekends, my best friend, Mr. Powell, takes me to dog beach in Del Mar. It's the best time of my week.

Contributed by Mr. Powell, Edgewood Campus

Monday, September 13


Patches is a Papillon, a dog in the Spaniel family named for the French word for butterfly due to the long, fringed hair on their ears which creates the shape of a butterfly when their ears are raised. Patches just celebrated his thirteenth birthday, and he has lived with Alyssa, the Marketing Intern, and her family since he was a puppy. Patches' absolute favorite past-time is riding in the car with his mom (as you can see in this picture). When he's not cruising around town, he enjoys spending time with his daughters Penny and Little Bear (pictured below).
The three enjoy going on walks around the neighborhood together and lounging around the house with the family on the weekends. Patches is a very picky eater, but he can always count on Little (or should I say Not-So-Little) Bear to help him out when he has extra food.
Patches is also the best watch dog! (unlike Penny-his sleepy counterpart) He keeps the family safe and sound at all times.

Want to feature your pet in our next edition of Teacher's Pet?? Send a photo and some fun facts about your animal friends to Alyssa at!

Contributed by Alyssa, Marketing

Sunday, August 8

TEACHER'S PET ruby dog

Ruby Dog is an 11 month old Italian Greyhound that lives with Jamie, Director of Summer Programs. When Jamie is at work in Fairmont's Business Office, Ruby Dog sleeps on the couch, chews on her toys and listens to a special puppy playlist that keeps her company throughout the day.  An interesting fact about Ruby is that even though she is a grey dog, her color is called "blue."

Ruby is a super fast runner and pulls her parents along at over 20 mph--sometimes they have to ride bikes to keep up with her because they are not as fast as she is. She loves going to the dog park where she tries to get the other small dogs to chase her... she is so fast that they can never catch her!  Some of Ruby's other hobbies include knitting with her mom, and playing xbox with her dad.

Contributed by Jamie, Summer Programs