Monday, September 13


Patches is a Papillon, a dog in the Spaniel family named for the French word for butterfly due to the long, fringed hair on their ears which creates the shape of a butterfly when their ears are raised. Patches just celebrated his thirteenth birthday, and he has lived with Alyssa, the Marketing Intern, and her family since he was a puppy. Patches' absolute favorite past-time is riding in the car with his mom (as you can see in this picture). When he's not cruising around town, he enjoys spending time with his daughters Penny and Little Bear (pictured below).
The three enjoy going on walks around the neighborhood together and lounging around the house with the family on the weekends. Patches is a very picky eater, but he can always count on Little (or should I say Not-So-Little) Bear to help him out when he has extra food.
Patches is also the best watch dog! (unlike Penny-his sleepy counterpart) He keeps the family safe and sound at all times.

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Contributed by Alyssa, Marketing

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