Monday, February 14

TEACHER'S PET latte and jager

Latte is a 14 month old vizsla/collie mix, and her sister, Jager, is a black lab and just celebrated her first birthday. Latte & Jager’s favorite pastimes include tearing up couch cushions from the patio furniture, chasing the cats around the house, and spending hours on end fetching balls at the Huntington Dog Beach. Latte & Jager’s proud parents are Mr. Wesley Faust, junior high math teacher from Anaheim Hills, and Mrs. Wendy Faust, activities director at the Prep. 

Contributed by Wendy, Fairmont Prep Academy

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  1. That may be the prettiest pair I have ever seen!!

  2. Thanks for the compliments on these teacher's pets guys! They really are SO adorable!

    We're collecting submissions for our June Teacher's Pet post now, so if you guys have pets of your own, feel free to send a pic and description to


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