Sunday, August 8

TEACHER'S PET ruby dog

Ruby Dog is an 11 month old Italian Greyhound that lives with Jamie, Director of Summer Programs. When Jamie is at work in Fairmont's Business Office, Ruby Dog sleeps on the couch, chews on her toys and listens to a special puppy playlist that keeps her company throughout the day.  An interesting fact about Ruby is that even though she is a grey dog, her color is called "blue."

Ruby is a super fast runner and pulls her parents along at over 20 mph--sometimes they have to ride bikes to keep up with her because they are not as fast as she is. She loves going to the dog park where she tries to get the other small dogs to chase her... she is so fast that they can never catch her!  Some of Ruby's other hobbies include knitting with her mom, and playing xbox with her dad.

Contributed by Jamie, Summer Programs 

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