Monday, March 14

TEACHER'S PET mia and macy

These are our dogs Mia and Macy! They love to get in the sheets right out of the dryer and bury themselves. Gia named Mia (the one in the back). She is our newest addition. Both dogs are very lovable and Gia plays with them constantly. The picture below is of Mia behind my computer. I got lucky and had the camera ready. The dogs like to sit on my lap and climb on the desk while I work. It makes it hard to get anything done when you have such a cutie on the other side of the monitor!
Contributed by Caryn and Gia Chavez, Anaheim Hills Campus

Want your pet to be featured as next month's Teacher's Pet? Simply e-mail a photo and brief description of your pet to Alyssa at by March 9th! We look forward to your submissions! 

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