Friday, September 17

SCOREBOARD tri-way volleyball and football games

Anaheim Hills – Tri-Way Volleyball - Fall 2010 
Come out and cheer for the Tri-Way Girls in their first volleyball game on Monday, September 20 vs Orangewood at 3:15pm!!
The girls volleyball will also be in action on Wednesday, September 22 vs the Fairmont Mable campus! 
Anaheim Hills – Tri-Way Football - Fall 2010
The Tri-Ways boys' first day of competition is Wednesday, September 22 vs the Fairmont Mable Campus.  This game always is a wonder clash between two excellent flag football teams. Come out and cheer for the Cougars!

Contributed by Vicky, Anaheim Hills Campus

Wednesday, September 15

SCOREBOARD mable fall 2010 volleyball rosters

Mable is pleased to announce the new players of our Volleyball teams! 
Junior High Tri-Way Volleyball Team Roster: 
Sheryne N.
Phoebe S.
Skylar H.
Karla G.
Indrani H.
Julie S.
Lauren H.
Leanne A.
Brianna P.
Maddie N.

Elementary DSL Volleyball Team Roster: 
Clarissa G.-Captain
Ali O.
Aleena F.
Ali T.
Shawnelle N.
Iris W.
Hidaya S.
Caroline Y.
Jocelyn L.
Ashley A.
Nathalie S.
Lauren K.
Lauren T.-Manager/practice player

Congratulations to our new teams and a special thank you to everyone who tried out! We can’t wait for another great season! 

Contributed by Karen, Mable Campus 

SCOREBOARD mable fall 2010 football rosters

Mable is pleased to announce the new players of the Football teams! 
Junior High Tri-Way Football Team Roster:
Brando P.
Javier G.
Shawn Y.
Jerry H.
Jayden G.
Meeran I.
Matthew T.
Tanner L.
Karna P.
Jeremy T.
Nomin P.

Elementary DSL Football Team Roster:
Justin A.
Han C.
Bernard K.
Ethan K.
Ronik K.
Matthew L.
Corey S.
Tim W.
Jonathan B.
Zaka B.
Ethan E.
Adnan L.
Brandon L.
Kyle L.
Wyatt M.
Manav P.

Congratulations to our new team and a special thank you to everyone who tried out! We can’t wait for another great season! 

Contributed by Karen, Mable Campus

Monday, September 13

FACULTY LOUNGE mrs. jansen returns to edgewood

Mrs. Kristen Jansen is very excited to be back teaching at Edgewood after a seven year hiatus in Wisconsin.  She taught kindergarten at the Edgewood campus from 2000-2003 and now joins us in junior kindergarten.  After shoveling lots of snow in Wisconsin, she and her family are happy to be back in sunny southern California.  Her two girls, ages 3 and 7, attend school at the Anaheim Hills campus.  On the weekends, you can usually find the Jansen family getting reacquainted with the Southern California way of life at Laguna Beach.  Even when it is cool and overcast, they love jumping waves and building sand castles.  They also enjoy frequent trips to Disneyland.

Contributed by Jonna, Edgewood Campus

FACULTY LOUNGE mr. adame joins the mable team

New to Fairmont this year, Mr. Brandon Adame says he’s excited to be working at a school that utilizes classroom technology such as Promethean boards and Accelerated Math.  In fact, he’s already seen the difference it makes in his lessons. Mr. Adame is entering his fifth year of teaching with a background in first, second, and third grade.  He enjoys a healthy lifestyle, staying fit with a vegan diet and plenty of outdoor exercise including surfing and trail running.  He loves animals, especially his dogs, Barney and Smokes, and cats, Marlo and Killian.  He hopes to one day earn his Master’s Degree in Education.  Three things you might not know about Mr. Adame:  he has a twin brother, he has run a 100-mile race in under 24 hours and, in sixth grade, he switched classes with his twin brother (and the teacher was none the wiser)!  Welcome, Mr. Adame.  We’re glad to have you on our team.

Contributed by Karen, Mable Campus

FACULTY LOUNGE citron welcomes ms.dodson

The Citron campus would like to welcome Ms. Dodson to the Fairmont family! You can find her in the front office as our new receptionist and admissions assistant.  Ms. Dodson comes to us with a B.S. in Child and Adolescent Development as well as a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from Cal State Fullerton. During college, she volunteered at multiple schools in the Fullerton Elementary and Lowell Joint School Districts. Most recently, she worked as an instructor in an after-school program in the Santa Ana Unified School District. When she’s not helping in a myriad of ways here on campus, Ms. Dodson enjoys cooking, cycling, going to the beach, attending concerts, and spending time with her friends. We are excited to have an addition to our support staff who is so experienced in working with students. Please stop by the front office and say “hello” to Ms. Dodson.

Contributed by Elly, Citron campus


Patches is a Papillon, a dog in the Spaniel family named for the French word for butterfly due to the long, fringed hair on their ears which creates the shape of a butterfly when their ears are raised. Patches just celebrated his thirteenth birthday, and he has lived with Alyssa, the Marketing Intern, and her family since he was a puppy. Patches' absolute favorite past-time is riding in the car with his mom (as you can see in this picture). When he's not cruising around town, he enjoys spending time with his daughters Penny and Little Bear (pictured below).
The three enjoy going on walks around the neighborhood together and lounging around the house with the family on the weekends. Patches is a very picky eater, but he can always count on Little (or should I say Not-So-Little) Bear to help him out when he has extra food.
Patches is also the best watch dog! (unlike Penny-his sleepy counterpart) He keeps the family safe and sound at all times.

Want to feature your pet in our next edition of Teacher's Pet?? Send a photo and some fun facts about your animal friends to Alyssa at!

Contributed by Alyssa, Marketing