Wednesday, September 15

SCOREBOARD mable fall 2010 volleyball rosters

Mable is pleased to announce the new players of our Volleyball teams! 
Junior High Tri-Way Volleyball Team Roster: 
Sheryne N.
Phoebe S.
Skylar H.
Karla G.
Indrani H.
Julie S.
Lauren H.
Leanne A.
Brianna P.
Maddie N.

Elementary DSL Volleyball Team Roster: 
Clarissa G.-Captain
Ali O.
Aleena F.
Ali T.
Shawnelle N.
Iris W.
Hidaya S.
Caroline Y.
Jocelyn L.
Ashley A.
Nathalie S.
Lauren K.
Lauren T.-Manager/practice player

Congratulations to our new teams and a special thank you to everyone who tried out! We can’t wait for another great season! 

Contributed by Karen, Mable Campus 

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