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Happy New Year and Welcome Back!

6th Grade Art 
Sally Yoon, now a sixth grader, created this wonderful close-up of cheetah eyes. It was juried into the Laguna Beach Art Festival this past summer and then continued on to a Fall Art Exhibit at the Orange County Department of Education. The piece was recently returned to us and we wanted to share this fantastic drawing with you. 

Parent Association Meeting Reminder
Guest Speaker 
Mr. David R. Jackson, President of Fairmont Private Schools 

Happy New Year to you and your family. Please be sure to join us for our first ECPA meeting of the new year. 

 Monday, January 10th, 2011
8:30 am
Edgewood Campus, Allison Hall

Mr. Jackson will be presenting information about the current educational environment and student performance in the public and private schools sector.  He will be handing out a check list itemizing school attributes (i.e. class size, physical environment, curriculum) which will clarify what parents should be looking for in a school. 

See you on Monday!
The ECPA Board Members

Blackboard Library Page
The new Blackboard Library Pages for use at home and at school are exciting new educational tools that make learning even more fun and accessible!  Here is a short list of the many things available to our families:

· Two library sites - Kidzone is for students in preschool through the fourth grade and Teenzone is for students in Grades 5-8.  The links in each are very similar but are age appropriate.
· Our youngest students can experience the fun of learning with educational videos, age-appropriate digital and print books that are read to them, and wonderful educational games and activities. 
· Access to our Library Researcher - Students can now check online to see what books are available in their school library.  They will eventually be able to put books on hold from home.  As if that is not enough, students and parents will also be able to access book descriptions and book reviews online!
· Research sites including BrainPop, dictionary, thesaurus, Pebble Go Science, Discovery Education, Gale and safe research sites.
· Research tools for students that will help them with writing bibliographies, organizing a research paper, links to search engines, printable tools and links to local public libraries.
· Hundreds of digital and video books including links to apps for Kindle and Nook!
· Links to all the Renaissance Learning Products such as Home Connect and AR Bookfind, as well as Parent Guides to AR and AM.
· Many links to student-oriented current events and periodicals as well as a ton of links to children's authors.
· Last, but definitely not least, links to hundreds of educational games and activities.
We encourage you to log on to Blackboard ( and check out the Kidzone and/or the Teenzone today!

January Field Trips & Assemblies
Preschool visits with Dr. Sue
Traveling Insect Zoo
Friday, Jan. 14th

Kindergarten to Amy's Farm
Friday, Jan. 14th

2nd Grade to Ocean Institute
Wednesday, Jan. 19th

4th Grade to Discovery Science Center
Thursday, Jan. 20th

8th Grade to Juvenile Justice Center
Tuesday, Jan. 25th
Faculty Lounge
Diana Kaneski, Second Grade Teacher

Hello! I have been a teacher for over 30 years. I think I was just born to be a teacher. Since I love it so much, it must be a gift!  I live in Mockingbird Canyon with my husband and son. My mom, who is in failing health also lives with us.  Logan is nearly 14 and excels in school and in sports.  He wants to play football next year for his freshman year in high school.  I love to scrapbook, travel, and shop in my spare time (ha ha) and my husband and I have decided that when we retire we will be moving to Orcas Island. This island is just off the coast of WA state in the San Juan Islands and it is breathtaking. And, since there is a private school right on the island, retirement may be purely in theory only.   I am grateful for all the amazing minutes 2011 will give me. All 525,600 of them.

Edgewood's Sports Corner
JH Boys defeated Oakridge 33-32

Tuesday, Jan. 11th
JH B @ Mission Hills
Girls play at 3:00 & Boys play at 4:15 pm

Thursday, Jan. 13th
JH BB @ Pegasus
Girls play at 3:00 & Boys play at 4:15 pm

Tuesday, Jan. 18th
JH BB @ Carden Hall
Girls play at 3:00 & Boys play at 4:15 pm

Thursday, Jan. 20th
JH BB @ Calvary
Girls play at 3:00 & Boys play at 4:15 pm

Monday, Jan. 24th
DSL BB @ Mable
Girls play at 3:00 & Boys play at 4:00 pm

Tuesday, Jan. 25th
JH BB @ Heritage Oak
Girls play at 3:00 & Boys play at 4:15 pm

Wednesday, Jan. 26th
DSL BB @ Oakridge
Girls play at 3:00 & Boys play at 4:00 pm

Thursday, Jan. 27th
DSL BB vs. Camelot
Boys only at 3:00 pm

Monday, Jan. 10th
Parent Association Meeting at 8:30 am

Friday, Jan. 14th
Preschool visits with Dr. Sue Traveling Insects Zoo 10-11 am
Kindergarten to Amy's Farm 8:30-2 pm
Box Tops Due

Monday, Jan. 17th
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - No School

Wednesday, Jan. 19th
Second Grade to the Ocean Institute 8:30-2 pm

Thursday, Jan. 20th
Fourth Grade to Discovery Science Center 8:15-2 pm

Tuesday, Jan. 25th
Eighth Grade to Juvenile Justice Center 8:15-1 pm

Thursday, Jan. 27th
6th Grade Show at 7:00 pm

Contributed by Jonna, Edgewood Campus

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