Monday, January 3

SNACK TIME making fruits and veggies fun

Edgewood’s pre-K – K students participated in a nutrition education activity presentation using the book Eating The Alphabet by Lois Ehlert, and samples of fruits and vegetables. The children participated with great enthusiasm in guessing the name of a fruit or a vegetable that began with the letter A, B, C, etc.

Can you guess? A = (apples, apricots, and avocado) Wow! The students had recently visited an apple farm and knew the names of all the apples shown to them, “Granny Smith” one student sang out! “Red Delicious” another enthusiastic student said loudly with hand waving enthusiastically. It was very impressive. The children were well educated on the various types of apples and whether they tasted, sweet or tart. A few children said they preferred the tart-tasting apples! But most liked them sweet. They liked applesauce too.

However, eating artichokes were not popular with the students. That’s OK, there are lots of other vegetables to choose from.

A few students mentioned they like to make guacamole from avocado. That’s one more way to get your fruit and vegetable servings in!

B was for banana, blueberries and yes, even broccoli. The children also said that they LIKE broccoli. Raw or cooked. That’s awesome! B was also for Brussels sprouts. That was not a popular vegetable with most.

C was for carrots, cabbage, cranberries, cherries, celery and corn. Naming fruits and vegetables that began with the letter “C” was easy.
Then, a beautiful, round, colorful purple cabbage was shown to the students. “My Mom eats that!” one student shared. He, however, was not a fan of cabbage.

D was for Dates (that was a hard one).

Can you guess what vegetable begins with the letter “E”? Hint: it’s a type of lettuce.

Students in the older classes continued further along the alphabet. The presentation concluded with the song, “Five a Day” emphasizing eating at least five servings of fruits and vegetables every day. There was lots of singing and even dancing to the music. We all had fun, and I look forward to presenting again at Fairmont!

Enjoy eating your alphabet!

Contributed by Leslie, Nutrition Management

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