Friday, September 9

FRIDAY FOLDER september 9

Highlights From This Week 
Parents Nights 
Mark your calendars for our upcoming Parent Nights:  
  • Anaheim Hills: Monday, September 12
  • Mable: Wednesday, September 14
Sports Physicals 
Don't forget that sports physicals are required for each student on one of our DSL or Tri-Way teams and must be completed before the first game. See your campus e-Newsletter below for more specifics. 
Picture Days
Mark your calendars for your campus' picture day (and be sure to practice those smiles!):
  • Anaheim Hills: September 14-15 (see e-Newsletter for grade breakdown) 
  • Mable: September 16 (JH) 
Grandparents Day Celebrations 
Don't miss your campus' Grandparents Day Celebration! Here are the dates for each: 
  • Anaheim Hills: Friday, September 16 at 11am  
  • Citron: Friday, September 16 from 9am-10am
  • Edgewood: Thursday, September 22 at 1pm
  • Mable: Wednesday, September 21

Weekly E-Newsletters 
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Edgewood Campus 
Mable Campus 

September Lunch Menus 

Thursday, September 8

SHORT STORY grandpa jackson

In honor of Grandparents Day, we wanted to celebrate one of our favorite grandpas: Mr. Jackson, the President of Fairmont. Outside of work Mr. Jackson is a dedicated father and grandfather. He treasures spending time with his grandkids and making quality memories, like building paper castles and jumping on the trampoline. We love his favorite grandparent tradition: 
"Each year before Christmas we take each of our grandchildren shopping with half of the money we use to spend on them for Christmas presents, and they pick out toys for children who won't have a Christmas. It is the highlight of the year when we have the grandkids present these gifts, that would have been theirs, to disadvantaged children. There are always many tears of joy."
Happy Grandparent's Day from the Fairmont Family to yours! 

Contributed by Alyssa  

international literacy day...A to Z

Happy International Literacy Day--a day dedicated to highlighting the importance of worldwide literacy. UNESCO proclaimed September 8th International Literacy Day in 1965, and each year the day is celebrated with the announcement of three literacy awards by UNESCO and in  school communities throughout the world with reading activities and volunteer projects. 

According to this article from Education World, the presence of books in the home has a greater influence on a child's education than the parents' income, nationality or level of education. Reading really does make a difference. Celebrate today by learning more about the global condition of literacy in this video, trying out one of these volunteer project ideas, or just by reading a new book with your children. 

(Photo by Home Interior Designs Inspiration)

Contributed by Alyssa

Wednesday, September 7

THE FAIRMONT FIVE: grandparents day traditions

It’s not just another greeting card holiday...Grandparents Day, celebrated the first Sunday after Labor Day, is an opportunity to honor the grandparents in your family, neighborhood and larger community.

President Jimmy Carter signed the observance of Grandparents Day into law in 1978. Today, grandparents are very active in the lives of their children, grandchildren and society. Did you know that 4 million children in 3 million households are being raised by their grandparents? And more than 5 million children live in a household with a grandparent present.

Fairmont is very grateful to all of our involved grandparents and hopes you’ll get creative about celebrating this “grand” holiday in your home. Education World shares a wonderful article for teachers packed with educational activities that inspired our Fairmont Five this month.
  1. Grandparent Interview. Extra, Extra! Read all about it: Grandparents are cool!  Put your little newshounds to work on breaking news about their grandparents. Brainstorm a list of questions or print out the interview questions provided on the official grandparents day website.
  2. Nursing Home Visit. Did you know that 60 percent of nursing home residents never have a visitor? Schedule a trip to a local nursing home with your children and find out if you can bring along a donation of supplies that could help brighten the day for some adopted grandparents in your community.
  3. Family Tree. Grandparents Day is the perfect time for children to study their family trees. We love this life-sized family tree craft from Martha Stewart Living. Older students can go further with their research and use sites such as and to find their long-lost roots.
  4. Graphing the Ages. Have a budding statistician in the family?  Use US Census Bureau data to help your children create a graph illustrating each state's median age.
  5. Poems for Grandma and Grandpa. What better tribute to the grandparents in your children's lives than a handwritten note or better yet--a poem!  Suggest a haiku or acrostic to get your kids started.  You can also check out some grandparents-themed books at your local library to help get their creative juices flowing.
 Contributed by Danyelle

Tuesday, September 6

parent night...A to Z

Whether you were the Class Clown or the Teacher’s Pet back in your grade school days, you’ll want to be in top form for the first big event of the school year—Parent Night. Here’s a quick study guide to help parents prepare.

  • Book your babysitter: Make arrangements to keep the kids at home so you can enjoy a distraction-free evening.
  • Arrive Early: Parking is often limited, so arrive early, pick up a program and take some time to explore the campus.
  • Take notes: Bring day planners or calendars (or the high tech equivalents) to help you keep track of all of the details. From the names of the parents sitting next to you in those pint-sized desks, to important dates, there will be lots of information to take in on Parent Night. You’ll most likely receive a packet of information reiterating the particulars, but it’s smart to have your own planning system handy too.
  • Bring an open mind: (We love this tip complements of Remember that teachers may seem a bit nervous or awkward when faced with a room full of parents. If your teacher seems organized, reasonable in her expectations and focused on her students’ success, then be willing to overlook what might appear to be less-than-polished public speaking skills.
  • Introduce yourself: We parents are diligent in teaching our children good social skills, but sometimes we can slip up. Chances are you’re not the only one who feels a little uncomfortable in the group, so smile, introduce yourself and initiate a conversation with your fellow parents. Parent Night is a good time to meet the other moms and dads in your child’s class and swap contact info.
  • Avoid ambushing the teacher: Yes, we know it’s enticing to pull the teacher aside for a personal conversation about your child. But, keep in mind that Parent Night is not the best time for a one-on-one conference. Instead, call or email your teacher to set up a better time to talk.

Contributed by, Danyelle

Monday, September 5

SHORT STORY playtime

just monkeying around 

Contributed by Alyssa

Friday, September 2

FRIDAY FOLDER september 2

Welcome back to school, Fairmont family--we're looking forward to a great new year! 
Highlights From This Week 
Parents Nights 
Mark your calendars for our upcoming Parent Nights:  
  • Anaheim Hills: Monday, September 12
  • Citron: Wednesday, September 7
  • Edgewood: Thursday, September 8
  • Mable: Wednesday, September 14
Sports Try-Outs 
Back-to-School and back to sports! Don't miss try-outs for DSL and Junior High Football and Volleyball at Anaheim Hills, Edgewood and Mable next week. Check  your campus e-newsletter below for more details. 

Weekly E-Newsletters 

September Lunch Menus