Friday, September 9

FRIDAY FOLDER september 9

Highlights From This Week 
Parents Nights 
Mark your calendars for our upcoming Parent Nights:  
  • Anaheim Hills: Monday, September 12
  • Mable: Wednesday, September 14
Sports Physicals 
Don't forget that sports physicals are required for each student on one of our DSL or Tri-Way teams and must be completed before the first game. See your campus e-Newsletter below for more specifics. 
Picture Days
Mark your calendars for your campus' picture day (and be sure to practice those smiles!):
  • Anaheim Hills: September 14-15 (see e-Newsletter for grade breakdown) 
  • Mable: September 16 (JH) 
Grandparents Day Celebrations 
Don't miss your campus' Grandparents Day Celebration! Here are the dates for each: 
  • Anaheim Hills: Friday, September 16 at 11am  
  • Citron: Friday, September 16 from 9am-10am
  • Edgewood: Thursday, September 22 at 1pm
  • Mable: Wednesday, September 21

Weekly E-Newsletters 
Anaheim Hills Campus
Citron Campus
Edgewood Campus 
Mable Campus 

September Lunch Menus 

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