Tuesday, September 6

parent night...A to Z

Whether you were the Class Clown or the Teacher’s Pet back in your grade school days, you’ll want to be in top form for the first big event of the school year—Parent Night. Here’s a quick study guide to help parents prepare.

  • Book your babysitter: Make arrangements to keep the kids at home so you can enjoy a distraction-free evening.
  • Arrive Early: Parking is often limited, so arrive early, pick up a program and take some time to explore the campus.
  • Take notes: Bring day planners or calendars (or the high tech equivalents) to help you keep track of all of the details. From the names of the parents sitting next to you in those pint-sized desks, to important dates, there will be lots of information to take in on Parent Night. You’ll most likely receive a packet of information reiterating the particulars, but it’s smart to have your own planning system handy too.
  • Bring an open mind: (We love this tip complements of cozi.com) Remember that teachers may seem a bit nervous or awkward when faced with a room full of parents. If your teacher seems organized, reasonable in her expectations and focused on her students’ success, then be willing to overlook what might appear to be less-than-polished public speaking skills.
  • Introduce yourself: We parents are diligent in teaching our children good social skills, but sometimes we can slip up. Chances are you’re not the only one who feels a little uncomfortable in the group, so smile, introduce yourself and initiate a conversation with your fellow parents. Parent Night is a good time to meet the other moms and dads in your child’s class and swap contact info.
  • Avoid ambushing the teacher: Yes, we know it’s enticing to pull the teacher aside for a personal conversation about your child. But, keep in mind that Parent Night is not the best time for a one-on-one conference. Instead, call or email your teacher to set up a better time to talk.

Contributed by, Danyelle


  1. All excellent tips! Especially 4, 5 and 6.
    "A Mable 5th grade parent"

  2. Thanks Mable 5th Grade Parent!! Hope you enjoy Parent Night next week.


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