Friday, June 10

FRIDAY FOLDER anaheim hills campus june 10

Preschool Commencement 
There was not a dry eye in the house as our 4 year olds "graduated" to Kindergarten!  It was a wonderful ceremony with all the caps and gowns, and smiles from moms, dads, grandparents and lots of friends to cheer them on to this first of many milestones. After listening to eighth grader, Rebecca Choi (who is graduating to high school next week!) sing a mix of "You Are My Sunshine", our little 'Cougars' crossed the stage to shake hands and receive their diploma.  They then moved their tassle from the left side to the right side to officially be Kindergarteners!

Kindergarten Father's Day Luncheon
The Kindergarteners celebrated Father's Day with an enjoyable picnic lunch.  The kinder-tots sang a song to their dads and then they all sat under the trees and ate the picnic lunch that dad had brought....lots of great memories!

Fifth Grade and Junior High Instrumental Program 
The Fifth Graders and Junior High performed for all of us on Wednesday and it was wonderful to see the progress our students have made on the flute, clarinet, cello, trombone, saxaphone and trumpets!  The Junior High now has a jazz band and they played "Fireworks" by Katy Perry and everyone in the audience loved the song and seeing how incredibly talented their friends are!

Junior High Spirit Day! 
All the Junior High celebrated the final 'Spirit Day' of the year with a jock/nerd day.  They had so much fun creating their alter-egos!  There were lots of big black glasses and suspenders.  Thank you, Mrs. Morley for being a cheerleader at Brea for so long that Madison, Shelby, Allys and Georgia could all match!
Congratulations to Kyle Cartwright!
Kyle CartwrightKyle Cartwright was one of 15 seventh and eighth graders from Anaheim Hills to compete at the Orange County Science and Engineering Fair in April.  Kyle's project "Stop! Watch out for Children Cursing" won first place in the Social Sciences category at the county competition.  Kyle surveyed over 200 students to investigate the cause  of cursing among children.  His first place win qualified him to compete at the California State Science Fair in May and also garnered him a nomination to the Broadcom MASTERS™ competition.  Nominees are eligible to register and complete an on-line application to compete in this new national middle school science competition.  Good luck Kyle!
Take Champ!
Stop by the admissions office to get your very own Champ. Take Champ with you on summer vacation! Come back and share pictures and stories of how Champ spent his summer days!!

Step One: Cut Champ out
Step Two: Take Champ with you wherever you go this summer (on vacation, summer camp, by the pool, etc.)
Step Three: Post Champ in fun and interesting places and take a photo!
Step Four: Upload Champ's photo to, you can also make a video or create a poster to share details about where Champ is and what Champ is doing!
Step Five: Win a Visa Gift Card when you return to school! We will have an assembly to see all of the wonderful places Champ visited over the summer. The entire school will vote on the most creative and interesting Champ photos and stories. The winners (at different grade levels) will win a Visa Gift Card!!

ARTS & CRAFTS dad's day

Monday, June 13
-Junior High History Final
-Elementary PE Awards @ 9:00am

Tuesday, June 14
-Junior High Math Final
-Pre-school Donuts with Daddy 8:00-8:30am

Wednesday, June 15
-Pre-School Donuts with Daddy 8:00-8:30am
-8th Grade Breakfast at 8:00am
-8th Grade Promotion at 5:00pm
-8th Grade Promotion Celebration at Turnip Rose at 7:00pm

Thursday, June 16
-8th Grade to Disneyland

Friday, June 17
-Last Day of School EARLY DISMISSAL DAY  12:00pm
    NO Lunch Service

Contributed by Vicky, Anaheim Hills Campus

FRIDAY FOLDER mable campus june 10

Nomin P., Tanner L., and Nicholas P. during the JH drama performance
JH Drama Performance   

Junior High Drama Performance 
On Thursday, June 2, the Junior High Theatre class performed in two showings of their final play for the school year, entitled Café. Café is a collection of scenes and monologues dealing with the triumphs and tribulations of junior high life. The show was set in an outdoor Café, and narrated by Mr. Bean, the café owner. Scenes covered a variety of timely and important topics, from dealing with academic and social pressure, to facing embarrassing situations and talking to parents, and to the difficulty of making friends and understanding one another. The cast wowed audiences with their honest portrayals and bold choices. They displayed amazing talents, not only in acting and character development, but in their ensemble work, as well as dancing and singing. The students worked hard and it showed!  

Contributed by Mrs. Karen O'Hanlon, drama teacher 

5th Grade State Fair
On Tuesday, June 7, parents and teachers were invited to the annual 5th grade State Fair. Students from our fifth grade classes created model representations of the states on which they wrote their reports. Each state was uniquely created by each student using various methods to construct the models. Some methods included papier mache, clay, cakes, jello, and rice krispies. The models were beautifully displayed and shared in the cafeteria for all to see. Nathalie Song painted New Hampshire on canvas, and Rick Yun used chopsticks as his medium to represent Montana. Samantha Tan and Kayla Shikina made their models look "sweet." These were just a few of the wonderful and creative models. All of the fifth graders worked really hard, and their models turned out fantastic. We would like to thank our parents, teachers, and satff for their support.

Contributed by Mr. Joseph Edmisten, 5th grade teacher 

From the Parent Association
The Mable Parent Association held its last meeting of the year on Thursday, June 9.  After a very successful year, some board members said good bye as newly chosen ones were announced. Mrs. Kishimoto submitted the poem below after the meeting.

How can I be of help? " she asked,
"I have a good idea," he said
"Here, hold my hand," she suggested,
"We'll do it together," they offered.

"We'll be right here until it's done."
"Let's do it this way, it's more fun!"
"It's what we're here for it's no fuss."
"Call us back if you should need us."

"She needs our help, God bless her heart."
"Oh, we're just glad to do our part."
"Walk with us, we'll show you the way."
"Goodness no, we don't want pay."

"You can do it, we'll show you how."
"You need it when? We'll do it now."
"If you need anything we're right here."
"Who are we?  We're Mable Campus Volunteers."

Author Unknown

We thank all of our parents for their support to the Parent Association.

Monday, June 13
7th Grade Final Exams

8th Grade Beach Day

Tuesday, June 14
Move Up Day:  Grades Kindergarten - 6th

8th Grade Skip Day

7th Grade Final Exams

8th Grade Promotion Ceremony
6:00 pm
Mable Gymnasium

Wednesday, June 15
6th Grade Trip to Camelot

7th Grade Community Service Day
8:15 am - 1:30 pm
Corona Del Mar State Beach

Thursday, June 16
7th Grade Beach Day

6th Grade End of Year Lunch
11:00 am - 12:45 pm
Mable Cafeteria

6th Grade Jubilee
1:00 pm
Mable Main Stage

Friday, June 17
Last Day of School
Minimum Day
12:00 dismissal

Monday, June 20
First Day of Summer Camp

Monday, June 27
First Day of Summer School

Monday, August 29
Orientation Day for all 1st Graders and New Students

Tuesday, August 30
2011-2012 School Year - First Day of School

December 19 - December 30
Winter Break

April 9 - April 13, 2012
Spring Break

June 15, 2012
Last Day of the 2011-2012 School Year

Contributed by Karen, Mable Campus 

FRIDAY FOLDER citron campus june 10

Join us for Summer Camp! 
A Message from our Director
Dear Citron Parents,
I find it unbelievable that it is the end of another school year.  It has been a pleasure serving as your Director and I look forward to the 2011/12 school year as we continue our journey together.  I wish all of our students transferring to other campuses and schools all the success and happiness in the world.  Each year the students and staff bond as a family and it is sad to see them leave.  We are proud of what they have learned this year and always relish the opportunity to celebrate their accomplishments.  

We have had parents who have spent endless time and energy in support of the students and the school.  We thank them from the bottom of our hearts.  We have teachers and staff whose commitment has gone beyond the bounds of what is expected and to them goes a debt of gratitude.

Finally I wish everyone a very happy and relaxing summer.  Enjoy the vacation with your families and those travelling overseas, have a safe trip and a speedy return.  I am looking forward to seeing all those students enrolled in summer school and camp.  We are going to have a good time.

Thanks for another wonderful year!
Mrs. Douglas

Overcoming Obstacles Fundraiser
Students joined together in a campus spirit event to support the Red Cross of America on Wednesday, June 8th. All students participated in an obstacle course event that entailed jumping over hurdles, going down the slide, and walking across a balance beam. 

Our campus raised $1,500 in donations for the Red Cross! We are so thankful for our Fairmont family and friends who supported the students and this worthy cause.

Kindergarten Graduation Information
Kindergarten students will travel to the Fairmont Prep Campus for rehearsal on June 15th. Students will depart at 1:00pm and return at 2:30pm. 

Kindergarten graduation will be Thursday, June 16th at 2:00pm. It will be held at the Fairmont Prep located at 2200 W. Sequoia Ave, Anaheim. 

June 16th will be a regular morning for kindergarten students. School will begin at 8:25am and they will have lunch at 11:30am. 

The kindergarteners will leave Citron on the bus at 1:00pm. Parents must pick up their child after the graduation ceremony at the Prep. Parents are required to sign-out their graduate with their teacher before they leave the Prep.

This is not a free dress day. Boys must wear their white polo shirts and navy blue pants. Girls must wear their white blouse with jumper.

Cap and gowns will be kept on campus and placed on the students once they arrive at the Prep.
Please do not arrive to the Prep before 1:00pm. Many high school students are still testing. You will not be allowed in the gym before this time. 

Tickets are not required for the ceremony however space is limited and we ask that guest be limited to 6 per graduate.  Seating will be on a first come first serve basis. 

If you have any questions you may contact Mrs. Elly Santamaria at 714-533-3930

Husky Gear
It’s never too early to order your husky gear for next year. Order forms are located in the Citron lobby and items will be available for purchase at a discounted price if ordered by June 17th. Items available are shown below.


ARTS & CRAFTS dad's day

Tuesday, June 14th 
Mable 8th Grade Promotion
at the Mable Campus

Wednesday, June 15th 
Kindergarten Graduation Rehearsal

Thursday, June 16th 
Citron Kindergarten Graduation 
Fairmont Preparatory Gym

Mable 6th Grade Jubilee 
at the Mable Campus

Friday, June 17th 
Last Day of School Celebration
9:00am – 11:00am

Minimum Day –Citron closes at 12:00pm
No extended care

Monday, June 20th 
First Day of Summer Camp

Monday, June 27th
First Day of Summer School

Contributed by Elly, Citron Campus 

FRIDAY FOLDER edgewood campus june 10

I love Fairmont because... 

...there are so many things offered like sports, and other afterschool activities. 
Priya K., 5th grader

 ...they give us all the education we need and more.
Alexa M., 5th grader
Fairmont 2011 Summer Programs  
Fairmont Summer is right around the corner.  This summer Fairmont is also offering Enrichment Classes, such as Engineering with Legos, Science Classes, Writing Workshops and Cheer Camp. Fairmont Summer has a great mix of academic smarts and fun in the sun. Please visit our website at for more information and to enroll. 

Summer Camp

Summer School

Enrichment Classes

Check out the Edgewood Summer Programs Video

Project HOPE Message
Dear Mrs. Anderson,
Oh behalf of the students, teachers and staff of the Project HOPE School and the Board of Directors of the Project HOPE School Foundation, I wanted to thank you and the Jr. Kindergarten, Kindergarten and 1st grade students for the amazingly generous donation of food to the school.

We really appreciate all the time and effort you all put into the food drive and for your support, in general, of our school and the students. Our shelves are now very well stocked as a result of your food drive! I hope you will pass on our gratitude to your students and their families.

Should you have any questions or would like any additional information about the school and our program, or have any other thoughts as to how you can continue to support us, I can be reached by phone at 714-796-8731 or on my cell phone at 949-636-2873 or by email at 


Pamlea Reed Allison
Executive Director 

Talon The Traveler
In 1994, Dale Hubert, a 3rd Grade teacher in Canada, began the Flat Stanley Project. He invited other teachers to take part by hosting flat visitors and to encourage their students to write their own Flat Stanley journals.  (Flat Stanley Project)

The Edgewood flat "Traveling Talon" Mascot is being sent home so he can hang out with you during your summer vacation. Talon can hike a mountain, go on a cruise ship, meet Mickey Mouse at Disneyland, spend the night at grandma's house, water ski at the lake, surf at the beach, watch movies, go to birthday parties, and more. Take a picture of him everywhere you go!

During the first month of school, we will gather your pictures and have a Traveling Talon assembly.

You can share your "Traveling Talon" adventures and pictures in two ways:
1. You can post them on the Edgewood Facebook page
2. You can send one or two of your favorite Traveling Talon pictures to Mrs. Powell's email address,

Parent Association Meeting 
The Last ECPA Meeting of the 2010/11 Year:
Tuesday, June 14th, 8:00 a.m.

Special Guest: Mr. Rob Chandler, CEO of Fairmont Private School

Come join us for our last get together and enjoy some goodies. We will be talking about the end of this year and the beginning of next year's events and activities.

Contributed by The ECPA Board Members


ARTS & CRAFTS dad's day

Tuesday, June 14th
Parent Association Meeting at 8:00 am

Wednesday, June 15th
7th & 8th Luncheon 12:00 pm

Thursday, June 16th
8th Grade Promotion 5:00 pm

Friday, June 17th
Last Day of School (1/2 Day)
8th Grade to Wild Rivers 10:00 am

Monday, June 20th
First Day of Summer Camp

Monday, June 27th
First Day of Summer School

Contributed by Jonna, Edgewood Campus 

Thursday, June 9

ARTS & CRAFTS dad's day

Father's day is just around the corner, and while Dad may not always be into arts & crafts, no Dad can deny how much a handmade gift means to him. Here are some fun gift ideas from Disney Family Fun that are perfect for papa. We'd love to hear your craft ideas too!
"Dress up" this fun card with a tie made from your favorite scrapbook paper and a note. Dad will wish he looked this good :) 

What Dad doesn't want to be King for the Day? Print and color this crown with your Dad's favorite colors and deliver it to him along with a homemade breakfast. 

For the Dad that's always on the go, these fun luggage tags are the perfect gift. 

Wishing you all a great Father's Day! 

Contributed by Alyssa, Marketing 

SCHOOL NEWS fairmont students honored at annual trash artist challenge awards

"Harry Potter Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry"
The old saying goes: "one person's trash is another person's treasure." Well, the annual Trash Artisit Challenge says trash can not only be treasure, but art!! On June 8, 2011 at the Anaheim Hilton, Fairmont students Jyothii K., Bryan D., and Justin C. were invited to attend the Trash Artist Challenge awards, celebration and dinner. Our two sixth grade teams were finalists in this year's competition. 
"Come Alive-the story of Little Red Riding Hood"
Bryan and Justin along with many students from Mrs. Cameron’s 6th grade class created the Harry Potter’s Hogwarts school. Jyothii created “Come Alive”--the story of Little Red Riding Hood in 3-D. All materials were recycled.
Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait
Kent French, the Host/Producer of the Anaheim Ducks, was the Master of Ceremonies. Mayor Tom Tait from Anaheim was also in attendance, and he even introduced himself to Bryan and Justin during the showcase. Jyothii’s father, Bryan’s mom and Justin’s mom were glowing with pride. (not to mention their art teacher!) 

Contributed by Robin Gormin, Mable Campus Art Teacher 

Friday, June 3

FRIDAY FOLDER citron campus june 3

Water Fun

Summer Camp Preview
We invite you to bring your children along for a fun filled sample camp day while you enjoy a coffee break, run some errands, or just take time to relax. The Summer Camp Preview is for children entering Preschool, Jr. Kindergarten, or Kindergarten. There is limited space so please RSVP with Mrs. Elly Santamaria at 714-533-3930 by the end of June 3rd.  All attendees will be entered in a drawing to win a FREE week of Fairmont Summer Camp! 

Summer Camp Preview will be held Saturday, June 4th from 10:00am to 1:00pm at the Fairmont Citron Campus.

Overcoming Obstacles Fundraiser
In light of the many tragic, global disasters in recent months the Citron Campus would like to support all those affected. We feel the best way to do this is to have students join together in a campus spirit event to support the Red Cross of America. 

In order to accommodate all age groups on the campus, and to make it fun, we have decided to have the students participate in an obstacle course event. 

Pledge forms were sent home with each student. There will be extras located in the Citron office lobby. Pledge forms with money must be returned to the front office no later than Friday, June 3rd. The Overcoming Obstacles Event will take place on Wednesday, June 8th. 

We want to make this as easy as possible thus we are asking for a flat sponsorship of any amount you consider appropriate.

We hope you, your family, and friends will support the students and this worthy cause.

1st Grade Corner
Please join us for a special meet and greet reception to welcome our new Mable Campus 1st grade co-teachers. The teachers will be at the Citron Campus during the day working with the students in Kindergarten and will be available in the afternoon to meet parents. Thank you for helping us welcome the newest members to our Fairmont family and we look forward to a great year with your family.

Location: Fairmont Citron Campus Patio
Date: Monday, June 6th
Time: 2:45pm-3:45pm

For questions please contact:
Sheila Rafat
Directors of Admissions
714-533-3930 ext. 1210


LUNCHBOX june menu, citron

Saturday, June 4th 
Summer Camp Preview 
(Must RSVP)
Citron Campus

Monday, June 6th 
1st grade meet & greet
Citron Campus
2:45pm – 3:45pm 

Friday, June 10th 
Donuts with Daddy – Preschool Event 
9:00am – 9:30am 

Thursday, June 16th 
Citron Kindergarten Graduation at Fairmont Prep

Friday, June 17th 
Last Day of School Celebration

Minimum Day – No extended care

Contributed by Elly, Citron Campus