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Nomin P., Tanner L., and Nicholas P. during the JH drama performance
JH Drama Performance   

Junior High Drama Performance 
On Thursday, June 2, the Junior High Theatre class performed in two showings of their final play for the school year, entitled Café. Café is a collection of scenes and monologues dealing with the triumphs and tribulations of junior high life. The show was set in an outdoor Café, and narrated by Mr. Bean, the café owner. Scenes covered a variety of timely and important topics, from dealing with academic and social pressure, to facing embarrassing situations and talking to parents, and to the difficulty of making friends and understanding one another. The cast wowed audiences with their honest portrayals and bold choices. They displayed amazing talents, not only in acting and character development, but in their ensemble work, as well as dancing and singing. The students worked hard and it showed!  

Contributed by Mrs. Karen O'Hanlon, drama teacher 

5th Grade State Fair
On Tuesday, June 7, parents and teachers were invited to the annual 5th grade State Fair. Students from our fifth grade classes created model representations of the states on which they wrote their reports. Each state was uniquely created by each student using various methods to construct the models. Some methods included papier mache, clay, cakes, jello, and rice krispies. The models were beautifully displayed and shared in the cafeteria for all to see. Nathalie Song painted New Hampshire on canvas, and Rick Yun used chopsticks as his medium to represent Montana. Samantha Tan and Kayla Shikina made their models look "sweet." These were just a few of the wonderful and creative models. All of the fifth graders worked really hard, and their models turned out fantastic. We would like to thank our parents, teachers, and satff for their support.

Contributed by Mr. Joseph Edmisten, 5th grade teacher 

From the Parent Association
The Mable Parent Association held its last meeting of the year on Thursday, June 9.  After a very successful year, some board members said good bye as newly chosen ones were announced. Mrs. Kishimoto submitted the poem below after the meeting.

How can I be of help? " she asked,
"I have a good idea," he said
"Here, hold my hand," she suggested,
"We'll do it together," they offered.

"We'll be right here until it's done."
"Let's do it this way, it's more fun!"
"It's what we're here for it's no fuss."
"Call us back if you should need us."

"She needs our help, God bless her heart."
"Oh, we're just glad to do our part."
"Walk with us, we'll show you the way."
"Goodness no, we don't want pay."

"You can do it, we'll show you how."
"You need it when? We'll do it now."
"If you need anything we're right here."
"Who are we?  We're Mable Campus Volunteers."

Author Unknown

We thank all of our parents for their support to the Parent Association.

Monday, June 13
7th Grade Final Exams

8th Grade Beach Day

Tuesday, June 14
Move Up Day:  Grades Kindergarten - 6th

8th Grade Skip Day

7th Grade Final Exams

8th Grade Promotion Ceremony
6:00 pm
Mable Gymnasium

Wednesday, June 15
6th Grade Trip to Camelot

7th Grade Community Service Day
8:15 am - 1:30 pm
Corona Del Mar State Beach

Thursday, June 16
7th Grade Beach Day

6th Grade End of Year Lunch
11:00 am - 12:45 pm
Mable Cafeteria

6th Grade Jubilee
1:00 pm
Mable Main Stage

Friday, June 17
Last Day of School
Minimum Day
12:00 dismissal

Monday, June 20
First Day of Summer Camp

Monday, June 27
First Day of Summer School

Monday, August 29
Orientation Day for all 1st Graders and New Students

Tuesday, August 30
2011-2012 School Year - First Day of School

December 19 - December 30
Winter Break

April 9 - April 13, 2012
Spring Break

June 15, 2012
Last Day of the 2011-2012 School Year

Contributed by Karen, Mable Campus 

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