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Preschool Commencement 
There was not a dry eye in the house as our 4 year olds "graduated" to Kindergarten!  It was a wonderful ceremony with all the caps and gowns, and smiles from moms, dads, grandparents and lots of friends to cheer them on to this first of many milestones. After listening to eighth grader, Rebecca Choi (who is graduating to high school next week!) sing a mix of "You Are My Sunshine", our little 'Cougars' crossed the stage to shake hands and receive their diploma.  They then moved their tassle from the left side to the right side to officially be Kindergarteners!

Kindergarten Father's Day Luncheon
The Kindergarteners celebrated Father's Day with an enjoyable picnic lunch.  The kinder-tots sang a song to their dads and then they all sat under the trees and ate the picnic lunch that dad had brought....lots of great memories!

Fifth Grade and Junior High Instrumental Program 
The Fifth Graders and Junior High performed for all of us on Wednesday and it was wonderful to see the progress our students have made on the flute, clarinet, cello, trombone, saxaphone and trumpets!  The Junior High now has a jazz band and they played "Fireworks" by Katy Perry and everyone in the audience loved the song and seeing how incredibly talented their friends are!

Junior High Spirit Day! 
All the Junior High celebrated the final 'Spirit Day' of the year with a jock/nerd day.  They had so much fun creating their alter-egos!  There were lots of big black glasses and suspenders.  Thank you, Mrs. Morley for being a cheerleader at Brea for so long that Madison, Shelby, Allys and Georgia could all match!
Congratulations to Kyle Cartwright!
Kyle CartwrightKyle Cartwright was one of 15 seventh and eighth graders from Anaheim Hills to compete at the Orange County Science and Engineering Fair in April.  Kyle's project "Stop! Watch out for Children Cursing" won first place in the Social Sciences category at the county competition.  Kyle surveyed over 200 students to investigate the cause  of cursing among children.  His first place win qualified him to compete at the California State Science Fair in May and also garnered him a nomination to the Broadcom MASTERS™ competition.  Nominees are eligible to register and complete an on-line application to compete in this new national middle school science competition.  Good luck Kyle!
Take Champ!
Stop by the admissions office to get your very own Champ. Take Champ with you on summer vacation! Come back and share pictures and stories of how Champ spent his summer days!!

Step One: Cut Champ out
Step Two: Take Champ with you wherever you go this summer (on vacation, summer camp, by the pool, etc.)
Step Three: Post Champ in fun and interesting places and take a photo!
Step Four: Upload Champ's photo to, you can also make a video or create a poster to share details about where Champ is and what Champ is doing!
Step Five: Win a Visa Gift Card when you return to school! We will have an assembly to see all of the wonderful places Champ visited over the summer. The entire school will vote on the most creative and interesting Champ photos and stories. The winners (at different grade levels) will win a Visa Gift Card!!

ARTS & CRAFTS dad's day

Monday, June 13
-Junior High History Final
-Elementary PE Awards @ 9:00am

Tuesday, June 14
-Junior High Math Final
-Pre-school Donuts with Daddy 8:00-8:30am

Wednesday, June 15
-Pre-School Donuts with Daddy 8:00-8:30am
-8th Grade Breakfast at 8:00am
-8th Grade Promotion at 5:00pm
-8th Grade Promotion Celebration at Turnip Rose at 7:00pm

Thursday, June 16
-8th Grade to Disneyland

Friday, June 17
-Last Day of School EARLY DISMISSAL DAY  12:00pm
    NO Lunch Service

Contributed by Vicky, Anaheim Hills Campus

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