Friday, January 21

FRIDAY FOLDER anaheim hills campus january 21

First Grade in "SPACED OUT"!
On Thursday, January 20, a host of 1st Grade "star gazers" and "astronauts" performed in the musical Spaced Out! for students and parents. The sun and moon taught us a tune, and the comets and meteors "rocked out" for us. Directed by our music specialist, Mrs. Zavoral, this musical reinforced what the students have learned in 1st Grade Science. The show was one that everyone loved!

Junior High Pentathlon Teams
For the past sixteen years, Fairmont's students have had great success participating in Orange County's Academic Pentathlon.  The Orange County Academic Pentathlon is an exciting, one-day, 5 event academic competition for 6th, 7th and 8th grade students.  After weeks of academic coaching, team studying and individual preparation, Pentathletes gather on competition day to test their knowledge in essay writing, literature, mathematics, science and social science.  Once the results are tallied, the students and their parents are invited to attend the awards ceremony where medals are given for both individual and team success.

Congratulations to the following students who will be representing the Anaheim Hills Campus in the Orange County Pentathlon on April 2, 2011

Kayla B.
Kyra E.
Aaron S.
Emily W.
Richard H.
Jonathan K.
Jia Xuan L.
Jae C.
Jordan K.
Anthony W.

Nicole K.
Megan M.
Sabrina T.
Spencer C.
Nick C.
Tim K.
Nader E.

Re-Enrollment Open Houses
Please join us for a look at the next grade level and meet teachers, learn about homework, explore curriculum, field trips and special projects.

Tuesday, January 25th
Visit 1st Grade Rooms at 3:05
Visit 3rd Grade Rooms at 3:15
Visit K Rooms at 12:05 and 3:05

Wednesday, January 26th
Visit JK Rooms at 12:05 and 3:05
Visit 4th Grade Rooms at 3:15

Thursday, January 27th
Visit 2nd Grade Rooms at 3:15
Visit 5th Grade Rooms at 3:15
Junior High Presentation at 3:30

As re-enrollment approaches, come and see what the next grade level has in store for your child!

Cougar Sports
DSL Boys Basketball vs Mission Hills
Cougars LOST 15-32

DSL Girls Basketball vs Mission Hills
Lady Cougar LOST 26-20

Tri-Way Boys Basketball vs Orangewood
Cougars WON 41-24

Tri-Way Girls Basketball vs Orangewood
Lady Cougars WON 35-18

Tri-Way Boys Basketball vs Carden Hall
Cougars LOST 25-38

Tri-Way Girls Basketball vs Carden Hall
Lady Cougars WON 31-24


SCHOOL NEWS re-cap: chalk talk with chef tanya

Monday, January 24
Junior High ASB Campaign Week Kicks-Off
Tuesday, January 25
-Winter Sports Pep Rally at 1:20pm
-Junior High Spirit Day - "The Colors of the Rainbow" 
-Tri-Way Basketball vs Heritage Christian Boys ONLY - 3:00pm
-Re-Enrollment Open House for Kindergarten at 12:05pm and 3:05pm
-Re-Enrollment Open House for First Grade at 3:05pm
-Re-Enrollment Open House for Third Grade at 3:15pm

Wednesday, January 26
-Fourth Grade "Walk Through the American Revolution"
-Re-Enrollment Open House for Junior Kindergarten 12:05pm &  3:05pm
-Re-Enrollment Open House for Fourth Grade at 3:15pm

Thursday, January 27
-Re-Enrollment Open House for Second Grade at 3:15pm
-Re-Enrollment Open House for Fifth Grade at 3:15pm
-Re-Enrollment Open House for Junior High at 3:30pm in the MPR
-DSL Basketball @ Mable  Girls - 3:00/ Boys -4:00pm

Friday, January 28
-Second Grade to Disneyland's "American Band" Program
-Junior High ASB Speeches at 9:56am
-Progress Reports Go Home

Contributed by Vicky, Anaheim Hills Campus 

FRIDAY FOLDER mable campus january 21

National Junior Honor Society Returns to Mable Junior High 
Mable Junior High is proud to announce the return of the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) program starting in January of 2011.  NJHS is a nationally recognized organization that is dedicated to providing a strong foundation for building leadership skills through service to the school and the surrounding community.  This program also honors students who have maintained an exceptional academic record along with exemplary citizenship and concern for improving society.  Eligible students include third trimester sixth grade students, seventh grade students, and eighth grade students who maintain at least a 3.2 GPA.  Students who meet the requirements will be asked to participate in a chapter sponsored service project as well as an individual service project that reflects his or her personal talents and interests.  Upcoming events for the NJHS include our first chapter meeting January 25th and the Induction Ceremony scheduled for March.

Article contributor:  Mr. Trevor Ickes, junior high teacher and NJHS co-coordinator.

You're Invited to Fairmont Prep's Open House! 
Preparatory Academy
Thursday, January 27th, 6-8pm

Located on the historic Stanton Estate in Anaheim, Fairmont Prep is a non-sectarian, WASC-accredited high school that attracts students from throughout Southern California and the world. Fairmont has a 100% college placement record, with 86% attending top 100 schools. We offer an unparalleled 21 AP classes, college level math curriculum, medical and engineering magnet programs, and an international baccalaureate degree. Our unique blend of technology, individualized academic and college counseling, diverse student body and faculty deliver a global viewpoint to our students.

You're invited to join us at our annual spring open house to learn why Fairmont Preparatory Academy prepares students for colleges of quality and the global workforce better than any other high school.


FACULTY LOUNGE anaheim hills' marissa dominguez wears many hats

Saturday, January 22th
Free Assessment for Prospective Students
(Grades 1 - 8)
9:30 am - 12 noon
Mable Campus Library
Please call (714) 563-4050, ext. 1110, for a reservation.

Monday, January 24th
Elementary Basketball: Mable vs. Edgewood
3:15 pm
Home Game

Tuesday, January 25th
1st Into 2nd Information Meeting
6:00 pm
Mable Library

JH Basketball: Fairmont vs. TVT
3:15 pm
Home Game

Wednesday, January 26th
1st Into 2nd Information Meeting--Encore Presentation
8:45 am
Mable Library

JH Basketball: Fairmont vs. Pegasus
Away Game

Elementary Basketball: Mable vs. Anaheim Hills
3:15 pm
Home Game

Thursday, January 27th
Preparatory Academy Open House
6:00 pm
2200 W. Sequoia Ave., Anaheim, CA 92801
For additional information, call 714) 999-5055.

Friday, January 28th
2nd Grade Study Trip: Disneyland Salutes the American Band
10 am - 1:15 pm

JH Theater Production: The Peculiar Kids of Pecular Junior High
9:30 am, repeat performance at 6:30 pm
Mable Cafeteria Stage

Monday, January 31st
Elementary Basketball: Mable vs. Heritage Oak
Away Game

Tuesday, February 1st
2nd Into 3rd Grade Information Meeting
6:00 pm
Mable Library

Wednesday, February 2nd
2nd Into 3rd Grade Information Meeting--Encore Presentation
8:45 am
Mable Library

Friday, February 4th
NO SCHOOL - Teacher In-Service

Contributed by Marissa, Mable Campus

FRIDAY FOLDER edgewood campus january 21

Preschool visits with Dr. Sue
On Friday, January 14th, Dr. Sue, "the Bug Lady," came to "bug" Edgewood's preschoolers with her traveling Arthropod Zoo. After discussing the five types of arthropods, Dr. Sue brought out her famous tarantula, Rosa Josefina Segovia. Without a doubt, the highlight for the children was when the students were allowed to pet a few of the arthropods brought in. Dr. Sue's Traveling Arthropod Zoo demonstrated to be a great success as the children were able to further their knowledge on bugs and insects, and finally witness for themselves, what they had previously only seen in books. 
Kindergarten to Amy's Farm
On Friday, January 14th, the Kindergarteners went to Amy's Farm for their first field trip.  The children had a great time petting the pig, horses, kitties, chicks and a giant cow named Tina!!!  Amy, the owner of the farm, taught the children about growing an organic garden, and let the children pick lettuce from her garden to feed the pig named Wilber.  The weather was perfect for our trip and the mountains close by were just beautiful.  I'm sure the Kindergarteners will never forget their hands on experience milking the cow and becoming true farmers!!
2nd Grade to the Ocean Institute
Mrs. Kaneski's and Ms. Escutia's second grade classes had a great experience on their first field trip of the year at the Dana Point Marine Institute. Students had the opportunity to look through microscopes at plankton, feel sea stars and other sea creatures in the touch tank, learn about ocean animals' adaptations, life cycles , ways of reproduction, and much more! It seemed that the most exciting part of the trip (as told by the second graders) was the dissection of a squid. The kids were fascinated by this and can't stop talking about it. Ms. Escutia's class wonders if the next two field trips will even compare. I guess we will have to wait and see.

January/February Field Trips & Assemblies
8th Grade to Juvenile Justice Center
Tuesday, Jan. 25th

4th Grade to Mission San Juan Capistrano
Wednesday, Feb. 9th

JH Ski Trip
Thursday, Feb. 10th

4th Grade to Honda Center
Thursday, Feb. 24th

Edgewood's Sports Corner
Monday, Jan. 24th
DSL BB @ Mable
Girls play at 3:00 & Boys play at 4:00 pm

Tuesday, Jan. 25th
JH BB @ Heritage Oak
Girls play at 3:00 & Boys play at 4:15 pm
DSL BB vs. Camelot
Boys only at 3:00 pm

Wednesday, Jan. 26th
DSL BB @ Oakridge
Girls play at 3:00 & Boys play at 4:00 pm

Monday, Jan. 31st
DSL BB vs. Mission Hills 
Girls play at 3:00 & Boys play at 4:00 pm
JH BB Playoffs

Tuesday, Feb. 1st
JH BB Semi-Finals

Monday, Feb. 7th
DSL BB vs. Anaheim Hills
Girls play at 3:00 & Boys play at 4:00 pm

Monday, Feb. 14th
DSL BB vs. Heritage Oak
Girls play at 3:00 & Boys play at 4:00 pm

Monday, Feb. 28th
DSL BB @ McDowell
Girls play at 3:00 & Boys play at 4:00 pm


FACULTY LOUNGE edgewood cheers for ms. blaire bradley

TEACHER'S PET oscar the pug

Monday-Thursday, Jan. 24-27th
ASB Campaigning Week - Presidency Only

Tuesday, Jan. 25th
Eighth Grade to Juvenile Justice Center 8:15-1 pm

Thursday, Jan. 27th
6th Grade Show at 7:00 pm

Friday, Jan. 28th
ASB Speeches & Elections 9 am
Progress Reports 

Monday, Jan. 31st
5th & 6th Instrumental Rehearsal 1-3 pm

Tuesday, Feb. 1st
5th & 6th Instrumental Concert 7 pm (For Parents)

Wednesday, Feb. 2nd
5th & 6th Instrumental Concert 10 am (For Students)

Friday, Feb. 4th
Teacher In-Service Day - No School

Saturday, Feb. 5th
Debate Tournament @ Edgewood 8-5 pm

Contributed by Jonna, Edgewood Campus 

FRIDAY FOLDER citron campus january 21

A note from The Admissions Director
Now is the time of year that we ask all current Citron families to let us know their plans for the next school year. This year we are going to the Islands with our Tiki Time Luau Theme. If you are planning to re-enroll your child at Citron for the 2011/2012 school year, please complete the re-enrollment packet which you will receive via mail by the end of the month.  If you have a currently un-enrolled sibling child that you would like us to consider for enrollment in the 2011/2012 school year, please stop by the admissions office for a new student packet. Please return your enrollment contracts by February 25th along with your 10% deposit. If we make our goal this year and all of the children complete their re-enrollment paperwork Mrs. Douglas has agreed to teach the kids how to dance the Hula in full Hawaiian costume at an assembly on March 4th. All of the kids and staff will join in the Fun Fridays beginning this week with Husky Pup Pride.
We look forward to welcoming your family to another amazing year at Citron.
Ms. Sheila Rafat

Permanent Impressions – Safety I.D Kit
Permanent Impressions is a child safety company that offers a child safety packet and is formatted specifically for the Department of Justice database and local authorities. There will be a law enforcement representative on campus next week on January 26th to administer the fingerprint and deliver the packets. They do not need any personal information and all details remain confidential. If you are interested please return the purple flyer that was sent home. If you no longer have the sign up form there are extra in the lobby. Please not that they can not process packets without a complete payment. All proceeds benefit Ca. Police Youth Charities.

Food Drive Update
During the month of November our campus held a food drive during the period of 11/8 – 11/23 for the fight against hunger. The Second Harvest Food Bank sent our campus a letter thanking everyone who contributed to the organization. Thanks to everyone’s generosity we were able to collect 6 large barrels that totaled an amount of 730 pounds. Great job Citron! 


FACULTY LOUNGE citron shares ms. shelley bivens' passion for teaching

Monday, January 24th
Re-enrollment Kick-off

Wednesday, January 26th
Fingerprint Safety Program – Permanent Impressions 

Thursday, January 27th
Aquarium of the Pacific presentation has been rescheduled to February 2nd

Friday, January 28th
1st re-enrollment Fun Friday

Husky Pup Pride!
All students can wear denim along with their husky pup shirt 

Contributed by Elly, Citron Campus 

Tuesday, January 18

FACULTY LOUNGE mable shares faculty fun facts

Four Fabulous Facts About Four Fabulous Teachers

Lisa Napier: Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada but attended Vanguard University on a basketball scholarship.

Kathryn Baham: Has had many unique experiences including raising Black Angus cattle, spending a summer on a Navajo Indian Reservation, owning a Mynah bird named Bo, and plucking chickens for an entire day.

Lainie Kelbaugh: Grew up on a 40 acre Arabian horse ranch.

Gustav Gratzer: Worked for the Miss Universe Organization for a year as an assistant to the Director putting on the TV telecast.

Contributed by Karen, Mable campus

FACULTY LOUNGE anaheim hills' marissa dominguez wears many hats

Those at the Anaheim Hills campus may know Ms. Marissa Dominguez best as an extended day staff member and summer camp counselor, but did you know that she’s also a credentialed teacher who sometimes steps in as a guest teacher as well?  This is Marissa’s seventh year with Fairmont where she is a familiar face in student services.  She earned her CA teaching credential and BA in Liberal Studies from CSU Fullerton.  In addition to her varied roles at Fairmont, she works as a guest teacher and summer school teacher with the Placentia Yorba Linda and Brea Olinda school districts.  She is also an accomplished dancer with 16 years of experience in jazz, ballet and lyrical dance.  Her hobbies include taking zumba classes, salsa dancing and scrapbooking.  “I feel such a bond with the students here at Fairmont.  I love being able to watch children grow, play, and learn,” she says.

Contributed by Vicky, Anaheim Hills campus

FACULTY LOUNGE edgewood cheers for ms. blaire bradley

This is Ms. Blaire Bradley’s fourth year as a guest teacher at the Edgewood campus. Currently, she is a long-term guest teacher for Mrs. June Huang, teaching Jr. High Literature and English. She also coaches the award-winning Edgewood Eagles Cheer Squad and recently joined the Preparatory Academy faculty as their cheer coach. Blaire has a BA in Liberal Studies from Chapman University and is in the process of completing her Masters degree and teaching credential at Chapman University as well. 

“My favorite part of being at Edgewood is all the wonderful people I get to surround myself with everyday: enthusiastic students, supporting co-workers, and friendly parents. It is my hope that someday I can be a permanent member of the Fairmont family.” In her free time, Blaire enjoys reading, cooking, shopping, and spending time with her family.  

Contributed by Jonna, Edgewood campus