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FRIDAY FOLDER anaheim hills campus january 21

First Grade in "SPACED OUT"!
On Thursday, January 20, a host of 1st Grade "star gazers" and "astronauts" performed in the musical Spaced Out! for students and parents. The sun and moon taught us a tune, and the comets and meteors "rocked out" for us. Directed by our music specialist, Mrs. Zavoral, this musical reinforced what the students have learned in 1st Grade Science. The show was one that everyone loved!

Junior High Pentathlon Teams
For the past sixteen years, Fairmont's students have had great success participating in Orange County's Academic Pentathlon.  The Orange County Academic Pentathlon is an exciting, one-day, 5 event academic competition for 6th, 7th and 8th grade students.  After weeks of academic coaching, team studying and individual preparation, Pentathletes gather on competition day to test their knowledge in essay writing, literature, mathematics, science and social science.  Once the results are tallied, the students and their parents are invited to attend the awards ceremony where medals are given for both individual and team success.

Congratulations to the following students who will be representing the Anaheim Hills Campus in the Orange County Pentathlon on April 2, 2011

Kayla B.
Kyra E.
Aaron S.
Emily W.
Richard H.
Jonathan K.
Jia Xuan L.
Jae C.
Jordan K.
Anthony W.

Nicole K.
Megan M.
Sabrina T.
Spencer C.
Nick C.
Tim K.
Nader E.

Re-Enrollment Open Houses
Please join us for a look at the next grade level and meet teachers, learn about homework, explore curriculum, field trips and special projects.

Tuesday, January 25th
Visit 1st Grade Rooms at 3:05
Visit 3rd Grade Rooms at 3:15
Visit K Rooms at 12:05 and 3:05

Wednesday, January 26th
Visit JK Rooms at 12:05 and 3:05
Visit 4th Grade Rooms at 3:15

Thursday, January 27th
Visit 2nd Grade Rooms at 3:15
Visit 5th Grade Rooms at 3:15
Junior High Presentation at 3:30

As re-enrollment approaches, come and see what the next grade level has in store for your child!

Cougar Sports
DSL Boys Basketball vs Mission Hills
Cougars LOST 15-32

DSL Girls Basketball vs Mission Hills
Lady Cougar LOST 26-20

Tri-Way Boys Basketball vs Orangewood
Cougars WON 41-24

Tri-Way Girls Basketball vs Orangewood
Lady Cougars WON 35-18

Tri-Way Boys Basketball vs Carden Hall
Cougars LOST 25-38

Tri-Way Girls Basketball vs Carden Hall
Lady Cougars WON 31-24


SCHOOL NEWS re-cap: chalk talk with chef tanya

Monday, January 24
Junior High ASB Campaign Week Kicks-Off
Tuesday, January 25
-Winter Sports Pep Rally at 1:20pm
-Junior High Spirit Day - "The Colors of the Rainbow" 
-Tri-Way Basketball vs Heritage Christian Boys ONLY - 3:00pm
-Re-Enrollment Open House for Kindergarten at 12:05pm and 3:05pm
-Re-Enrollment Open House for First Grade at 3:05pm
-Re-Enrollment Open House for Third Grade at 3:15pm

Wednesday, January 26
-Fourth Grade "Walk Through the American Revolution"
-Re-Enrollment Open House for Junior Kindergarten 12:05pm &  3:05pm
-Re-Enrollment Open House for Fourth Grade at 3:15pm

Thursday, January 27
-Re-Enrollment Open House for Second Grade at 3:15pm
-Re-Enrollment Open House for Fifth Grade at 3:15pm
-Re-Enrollment Open House for Junior High at 3:30pm in the MPR
-DSL Basketball @ Mable  Girls - 3:00/ Boys -4:00pm

Friday, January 28
-Second Grade to Disneyland's "American Band" Program
-Junior High ASB Speeches at 9:56am
-Progress Reports Go Home

Contributed by Vicky, Anaheim Hills Campus 

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