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FRIDAY FOLDER edgewood campus january 21

Preschool visits with Dr. Sue
On Friday, January 14th, Dr. Sue, "the Bug Lady," came to "bug" Edgewood's preschoolers with her traveling Arthropod Zoo. After discussing the five types of arthropods, Dr. Sue brought out her famous tarantula, Rosa Josefina Segovia. Without a doubt, the highlight for the children was when the students were allowed to pet a few of the arthropods brought in. Dr. Sue's Traveling Arthropod Zoo demonstrated to be a great success as the children were able to further their knowledge on bugs and insects, and finally witness for themselves, what they had previously only seen in books. 
Kindergarten to Amy's Farm
On Friday, January 14th, the Kindergarteners went to Amy's Farm for their first field trip.  The children had a great time petting the pig, horses, kitties, chicks and a giant cow named Tina!!!  Amy, the owner of the farm, taught the children about growing an organic garden, and let the children pick lettuce from her garden to feed the pig named Wilber.  The weather was perfect for our trip and the mountains close by were just beautiful.  I'm sure the Kindergarteners will never forget their hands on experience milking the cow and becoming true farmers!!
2nd Grade to the Ocean Institute
Mrs. Kaneski's and Ms. Escutia's second grade classes had a great experience on their first field trip of the year at the Dana Point Marine Institute. Students had the opportunity to look through microscopes at plankton, feel sea stars and other sea creatures in the touch tank, learn about ocean animals' adaptations, life cycles , ways of reproduction, and much more! It seemed that the most exciting part of the trip (as told by the second graders) was the dissection of a squid. The kids were fascinated by this and can't stop talking about it. Ms. Escutia's class wonders if the next two field trips will even compare. I guess we will have to wait and see.

January/February Field Trips & Assemblies
8th Grade to Juvenile Justice Center
Tuesday, Jan. 25th

4th Grade to Mission San Juan Capistrano
Wednesday, Feb. 9th

JH Ski Trip
Thursday, Feb. 10th

4th Grade to Honda Center
Thursday, Feb. 24th

Edgewood's Sports Corner
Monday, Jan. 24th
DSL BB @ Mable
Girls play at 3:00 & Boys play at 4:00 pm

Tuesday, Jan. 25th
JH BB @ Heritage Oak
Girls play at 3:00 & Boys play at 4:15 pm
DSL BB vs. Camelot
Boys only at 3:00 pm

Wednesday, Jan. 26th
DSL BB @ Oakridge
Girls play at 3:00 & Boys play at 4:00 pm

Monday, Jan. 31st
DSL BB vs. Mission Hills 
Girls play at 3:00 & Boys play at 4:00 pm
JH BB Playoffs

Tuesday, Feb. 1st
JH BB Semi-Finals

Monday, Feb. 7th
DSL BB vs. Anaheim Hills
Girls play at 3:00 & Boys play at 4:00 pm

Monday, Feb. 14th
DSL BB vs. Heritage Oak
Girls play at 3:00 & Boys play at 4:00 pm

Monday, Feb. 28th
DSL BB @ McDowell
Girls play at 3:00 & Boys play at 4:00 pm


FACULTY LOUNGE edgewood cheers for ms. blaire bradley

TEACHER'S PET oscar the pug

Monday-Thursday, Jan. 24-27th
ASB Campaigning Week - Presidency Only

Tuesday, Jan. 25th
Eighth Grade to Juvenile Justice Center 8:15-1 pm

Thursday, Jan. 27th
6th Grade Show at 7:00 pm

Friday, Jan. 28th
ASB Speeches & Elections 9 am
Progress Reports 

Monday, Jan. 31st
5th & 6th Instrumental Rehearsal 1-3 pm

Tuesday, Feb. 1st
5th & 6th Instrumental Concert 7 pm (For Parents)

Wednesday, Feb. 2nd
5th & 6th Instrumental Concert 10 am (For Students)

Friday, Feb. 4th
Teacher In-Service Day - No School

Saturday, Feb. 5th
Debate Tournament @ Edgewood 8-5 pm

Contributed by Jonna, Edgewood Campus 

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