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Wednesday, April 22

ARTS + CRAFTS: artistic expressions in honor of earth day 2015

In celebration of Earth Day, Fairmont students demonstrate their creativity by re-purposing common recyclables into art. In March, the art pieces were displayed at the MUZEO Museum and Cultural Center in Anaheim as part of the museum’s annual "TrashArtist Competition."  

There are no limits to what a child can do with their imagination!


Contributed by Marketing Department, Fairmont Private Schools

Tuesday, April 14

ARTS + CRAFTS spring time crafts

We love spring crafts! The bright, beautiful colors, along with flowers and bunnies, make everything cheerful. Here are some great ideas for the little ones, and even the big ones, to get creative this Spring! 

Stained Glass Kites:
There is nothing more perfect than kite flying on a windy day in Spring! While you wait for a windy day, have your little ones decorate the windows with these super-easy, no-mess, cute and colorful tissue paper stained glass kites from Make and Takes.


Cupcake Paper Flowers: 
Spring is about blooming flowers and bright colors. Here is a great, simple craft for children, especially toddlers or preschoolers, from Laughing Kids Learn. It teaches them about the beauty of Spring and how seasons change over time. 

Contributed by Neha, Fairmont Private Schools