Monday, July 25

SCHOOL NEWS fairmont named la times readers' choice

Yesterday's edition of the Los Angeles Times announced Fairmont's Elementary School Program as a regional winner of an LA Times Reader's Choice Award! We'd like to thank the LA Times readers for this honor and congratulate all of our teachers and administrators. 

To read more about the Reader's Choice Awards, check out the electronic edition here

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  1. Way to go! The worst school in Orange County is somehow the best in LA. Rock on, dudes.

  2. I agree..I attended fairyschools growing up and only realized how bad they were when I went to little they cared about educating me. I hope they stop damaging kids soon!

  3. Hello Anonymous x2, We were sorry to read your responses without knowing how to get in touch with you to hear about your specific experiences, feedback, and thoughts. We welcome you to email us at to continue the conversation. Thank you, Courtney

  4. Just wanted to warn anyone reading this that Fairmont is by far one of the most badly run schools in Orange County. Witness, for example, how they pay their teachers below what a public school teacher makes, yet the head of the school attends parent meetings in a $150,000 car. You can fool some of the people, some of the time, but if you want a quality education for your child, look elsewhere. I withdrew my children a year ago and enrolled at Carden - and never once regretted the decision. And Courtney - whoever you are (I assume some overpaid marketing wonk in the corporate office) , don't bother responding.

  5. Courtney, Fairmont Private SchoolsAugust 4, 2011 at 10:55 PM

    Anonymous x3, Thank you for taking a moment to express your concerns, and for providing us the opportunity to clarify our practices. As our school group has grown, we've established a competitive strategy to attract, hire, and retain the highest quality of teachers. In doing so we always keep an eye on public school salaries, benefits, and retirement packages. Like many other independent schools, it is true that under the current economic conditions, we are not able to compensate 100% of our faculty above and beyond what our State government and teacher unions are currently able to resource for public school teachers. At Fairmont we've been fortunate to be in a financial position to close the gap over the past couple of years, and we attribute this as one of the reasons we're able to experience a less than 5% turnover in our faculty...something we work very hard to achieve. On a more personal note, I'd like to say that I'm glad you're happy with your new school, and want to thank you for still reading our blog. We'll be making some changes to it over the next couple of months in an effort to provide parents more useful content. Hopefully you'll be able to use some of the new resources too!


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