Monday, August 1

SUMMER week six: around the campfire

S'mores, stories and camp songs made Week 6 a camper favorite (not to mention DODGEBALL and SLIME in the same week!) Summer school wraps up next week but camp adventures continue throughout August. Here is a peek into more fun-filled activities at Fairmont Summer Programs:

Citron Camper hanging out at our "camp fire"
Arts and Crafts time at the Irvine Outdoor Education Center
Mable campers mining for ore at the Irvine Outdoor Education Center
Swim Day continues to be a camper favorite, especially if it includes getting launched by Fairmont Counselors!
Preschoolers at the Anaheim Hills Campus made and decorated boats and then competed in boat races during water play 
Camp Cap Construction was a hit with these "Wild Things" 
Morning art's owl scratchart and blockprints was a woot all week!
How many types of dodgeball can we pack into a week? Campers and Counselors love them all!
Art at the Edgewood Campus
Songs & s'mores around the "campfire"--with super hot days, we told ghost stories under the AC  this week!
A Mable Camper learns archery at the Irvine Outdoor Education Center
An Anaheim Hills Camper crosses the canyon on the zip line on Friday's field trip

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