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FRIDAY FOLDER anaheim hills campus may 6

Photo of the Week: Fun Run T-Shirt Winner
Fun Run T-Shirt Contest Winner, Rosalane C. with FPA President, Shelly Kim and Ways and Means Chairperson, Stacy Simpson.  Rosalane did a fantastic job on our great Fun Run T-shirt and won $100.00!

Third Grade Visits George Key Ranch
On April 28th the third grade went to George Key Ranch and experienced something they weren't expecting. They went back  in  time.  Can you imagine no Xbox  and no TV, no fast food.  What did these people do?  Well, we found out.  All of us got to do chores. We washed clothes on a scrub board.  Hung them on a clothes line, and then we  beat rugs so they would be clean. After that we found out that these people took their baths in the kitchen.  The oldest person in the family would go first then by age everyone would get a turn.  All washed in the same water.  By the time the youngest got their turn that water didn't look so good.  We were kind of glad that we didn't live in the early 1900's, and we were happy to be going back to our time.  It was a really fun field trip. Anytime  you feel a need to see how lucky you are, you  can go back in time and visit George Key Ranch.      

Pre-School and Kindergarten Nutrition Presentations
Leslie Kay, MSN, from Nutrition Management Services talked to our youngest students about the importance of good eating habits and nutritious foods.  They talked about the 'good colors' of foods and that natural foods can be 'fun'.  They talked about different ways to eat fruits and vegetables.  Everyone sampled red grapes and frozen green grapes!   

Summer Camp 2011: "The Great Outdoors" 
Come join us this summer for a journey to the "Great Outdoors!"  Summer School, Summer Camp and Enrichment Workshops - Check out the website!  

2011 Field Trips!
Los Angeles Zoo
Coronoa Del Mar Beach
Long Beach Aquarium
Wild Rivers
Irvine Outdoor Education Center
Knott's Berry Farm
Camelot Golfland and Waterslide

View our great summer video!!

Cougar Sports
DSL Soccer vs McDowell
Cougars win 5-1

DSL Soccer vs Heritage Oak
Cougars WIN 4-2


SCHOOL NEWS orange county debate league championship

Monday, May 9
-Eighth Grade travels to Washington, DC
-Seventh Grade travels to Grand Canyon

Wednesday, May 11
Kindergarten Music Program at 9:00am

Thursday, May 12
-Fourth Grade leaves for Sacramento

Friday, May 13
Eighth Grade, Seventh and Fourth Grade return from trips

Contributed by Vicky, Anaheim Hills Campus 

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