Friday, May 6

SCHOOL NEWS orange county debate league championship

The Orange County Debate League Championship was this past Saturday, and the top 80 students, 27 teams, and 6 schools in the county were present. We are very proud of all of the students for their accomplishments at this championship, and we were particularly happy to see our Edgewood "captains" team remain undefeated during the regular tournament and compete in the final public debate where the topic concerned birthright citizenship.

Congratulations to the Edgewood Students!
Speaker Awards:
3rd Nick F.
5th Francisco B.
6th Amanda M.
10th Kieran M.
18th Cassandra F.
20th Sonali N.

2nd Edgewood MMF (Amanda, Kieran, Cassandra)
6th Edgewood NFN (Sonali, Cassandra, Lam)
10th Edgewood MRB (Liam M., Alison R., Francisco) 

School Awards
Overall Wins (Most wins as a school)
2nd Edgewood
Tournament Award (Greatest percentage of wins per school)
3rd Edgewood

Congratulations to the Anaheim Hills Campus Students!
1st Anaheim Hills TCL (Tawfik, Crosson, Lee)
3rd Anaheim Hills KBC (Bach, Crawford, Kim)
4th Anaheim Hills PPK (Patel, Patel, Kim)
5th Anaheim Hills JLW (Joo, Lee, Wang) 

Speaker Awards:
1st Kayla B.
2nd Yvonne K.
4th Kyle P.
8th River C.
12th Austin L.
13th Sabrina T.
14th Timothy K.
17th Nikasha P.
19th Nicky C.

School Awards:
Overall Wins
1st Anaheim Hills

Tournament Award
2nd Anaheim Hills

Congratulations to the Mable Campus Students!
9th Mable NIC (Niu, Ismael, Courelli) 

Speaker Awards:
9th Vasiliki C.
15th Meeran I.

Contributed by Mr. Hughes, Debate Coach 

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