Wednesday, May 4

ARTS & CRAFTS celebrating mama

From picking us up at school to getting stains out of our jeans to baking hundreds of cookies for our class parties, Mom is always there when you need her. Mother's Day is a wonderful opportunity to show her how much you care, and a handmade gift always means the most. Make mom's day with some of these creative craft ideas from Martha Stuart's Holidays

Surprise mom with breakfast in bed (maybe pancakes complete with a whipped cream and chocolate chip smiley face??) and decorate the tray with these long-lasting tissue paper posies

Sometimes the things our mamas do are front-page worthy. Make your mom this Sunday's headline by printing this newspaper template and filling in a picture and story! 

We hope your Mother's Day is special! Feel free to comment with your own craft ideas for mom.  

Contributed by Alyssa, Marketing 

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