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Pentathlon Awards
The Academic Pentathlon, sponsored by the Orange County Department of Education, held its annual award ceremony on the evening of April 12th at the Heritage Forum in Anaheim. Fairmont was represented by the Mable, Edgewood, and Anaheim Hills campuses in a night that turned out to be very exciting for our students. Mable had two teams in seventh and two teams in eighth grade. All four of our teams did extremely well, garnering awards in several categories across the board. Among the awards earned this year were:

7th Grade, Fairmont Mable           
2nd place Super Quiz; 4th place Overall Team award

7thGrade, Fairmont Panthers      
4th place Super Quiz;  2nd place Overall Team award

8th Grade, Fairmont Mable            
1st place Super Quiz;  2nd place Overall Team award

8th Grade, Fairmont Panthers     
1st place Super Quiz; 1st place Overall Team

In a wonderful display of academic prowess, both eighth grade teams tied for first place in the Science Super Quiz. Overall, all of our junior high students performed admirably, both individually and on their teams. We are very proud of these students, and we thank them, their families, and their Pentathlon coaches for another year of hard work and dedication.

8th Grade Mable Team                 8th Grade Panthers Team
JESSICA C.                                 JOSHUA C.
RYAN H.                                     NELSON L.
MEERAN I.                                 KILE Y.
KEVIN C.                                   VASILIKI C.
TAREK H.                                   BRADLEY J.
ERIC S.                                       JUSTIN L.
ALAN A.                                    NATHAN K.
JITIN D.                                      MILAN M.
STEPHANIE O.                                                              
7th Grade Mable Team                 7th Grade Panthers Team    
ALEXANDER H.                         KATIE M.
EMILY L.                                     DAVID K.
LIZA M.                                       MICHELLE C P.
DERRICK L.                                JADE A.
JONATHAN L.                            TONY D.
NICHOLAS P.                             TANNER L.
MANVEENA S.                           JOYCE C.
IRVIAN S.                                   MADISON N.

Coaches: Mr.John Briner, Mr.Trevor Ickes, Mrs.Rebecca Madsen-Lugo, Mrs.Michelle Paraiso, Mrs.Alena Pettit, and Mrs. Donna Riley

Science Fair Update
After the very successful Science Fair last February, twenty students were invited to present their projects at the Orange County Science Fair on April 6. The eleven students below won awards on that day, and six of them will be moving forward to the California State Science fair to be held at USC on May 2nd and 3rd. Four of those students were also Broadcom Master Award winners. Mr. Briner, our science teacher, accompanied our students to the event, and we could all see the high caliber of the projects presented by schools from all over Orange County. Students were judged multiple times within their allotted time, and they had to effectively present and answer demanding questions from the judges. This was an outstanding year for the Mable students at the Fair, and we congratulate all of the participants and winners for their impressive performance.

Derrick L.-  Mathematics and Software, 3rd Place

Sonam P.-  Chemistry, 1st Place
Broadcom Master 
2nd  Place -  American Association. Of Clinical Chemistry
American Chemical Society Award

Vasiliki C.- Chemistry, 3rd Place
1st Place -  American Association. Of Clinical Chemistry

Jessica C.- Chemistry, Honorable Mention

Kile Y.- Botany Applications,1st Place
Broadcom Master
David Walkington Award
Naval Research Award

Nelson L.- Microbiology,2nd Place
Broadcom Master

Meeran I.-Microbiology,Honorable Mention

Alec H.- Physiology, Honorable Mention

Katie M.- Pharmacology, 1st Place
Broadcom Master

Bradley J.- Aerodynamics, American Institute of Aeronautics Award

Meera M.- Environmental Science, CH2M-Hill Award


SCOREBOARD game highlights: mable boys soccer vs. camelot

April 18-22: Spring Break

April 26-29: Junior High Spirit Days

Tuesday, April 26:  3:45 - 4:30 pm 
4th into 5th  &  5th into 6th 
Mini Open House 

Wednesday, April 27:
3:45 - 4:30 pm
2nd into 3rd & #rd into 4th 
Mini Open House

Thursday, April 28:  
3:45 - 4:30pm
1st into 2nd Mini Open House

4th Grade Sacramento Trip Departure 

Friday, April 29 4th Grade Sacramento Trip Returns 

Contributed by Karen, Mable Campus 

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