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Photo of the Week: Spring Musical

Devastation in the Land of the Rising Sun
With countless deaths and over ten thousand missing, fear and devastation are streaming through Japan. On March 11, Sendai was hit with a 9.1 earthquake followed by over 300 aftershocks that could be felt by the citizens of Tokyo, nearly 200 miles away.

Minutes after the earthquake, a 30 foot wall of water slammed into the coast causing more damage as it pushed houses from their foundations and swept cars and boats away as if they were toys.

After the flood waters began to recede, the true devastation became clear. A nuclear power plant on the North Coast of Honshu was damaged and is currently overheating. In a last-ditch attempt to cool the radioactive core, sea water was hauled in and poured into the reactor. Teams of employees, including the famous Fukushima 50, the  first wave of workers to reenter the plant, has been working tirelessly to restore power and reengage the central cooling system.

The emperor of Japan has released a message to his people saying to not give up hope and to stay strong. As they battle diminishing resources, the people of Japan are forced to salvage what they can. Food and water are scarce, and trucks carrying stock and supplies are often deterred by damaged roads. Amazingly, the people of Japan have maintained their compassion; coupled with every report of devastation is a story of humanitarian understanding and respect.

Article contributor:  Mia Kim - 8th grade journalism student

To read more exciting articles from MJHeadline, Mable's journalism class paper, click here.

Piggy Banks for Japan 
Two of Mable's fifth grade girls had an idea to help the people of Japan.  What if they put piggy banks in each classroom?  Would people contribute enough money to fill them?  After talking with their mothers, Alyssa Goh and Nathalie Song put together a plan and presented it to Mrs. Calabria.

On Thursday, March 24, banks and fliers were distributed to every classroom on Mable Campus.  Posters, made by the girls, went up in the well-traveled areas, like the library. Their goal?  To end up with $1 per student.  Judging from the enthusiastic response from students and teachers alike, they will have much more to present to the American Red Cross to benefit Japanese relief efforts. Banks will be collected on Thursday March 31. This is citizenship in action, and we are proud to say these girls are a part of our Fairmont Community.

Article contributor: Mrs. Marla Kuka, 5th grade teacher
Honor Roll Students Recognized 
Listed below are the Mable second trimester honor roll receipients.  We are very proud of these students and offer our sincere congratulations.

4th Grade Honor Roll
Riya B.
Brandon B.
Jamie C.
Brandon C.
Jacqueline C.
Jenny H.
Lauren J.
Emma K.
Daryuish K.
Lina K.
Kyle K.
Rebecca L.
Vivian L.
Malina S.
Jeevika S.
Sarah S.
Nicole T.
Dayne T.
Taylor T.

4th Grade Director's Honor Roll
Ariana C.
Brianna D.
Audrey H.
Mei J.
Tiffany K.
Joseph K.
Joyce K.
Samantha O.
Ethan P.
Emaad R.
Raj S.
Stephanie S.
Stephanie Y.
Savana Z.

5th Grade Honor Roll
Vivek B.
Ethan E.
Alyssa G.
Madeline G.
Lauren K.
Kira La S.
Adnan L.
Nicole N.
Sophia O.
Tejal P.
Kayla S.
Lina S.
Nathalie S.
Samantha T.
Darsh T.
Rhiston Y.

5th Grade Director's Honor Roll
Ashley A.
Sahej C.
Matthew D.
Alexis D.
Victoria F.
Adnan I.
Michael K.
Caleb L.
Michelle L.
Samuel L.
Morgan L.
Tammie N.
Isabel S.
Gurveer S.
Christopher S.
Lauren T.
Yasmin V.

6th Grade Honor Roll
Han C.
Justine G.
Bernard K.
Ethan K.
Ronik K.
Jyothii K.
Lulin L.
Victoria N.
Jessica P.
Ethan P.
McKenna S.
Caroline Y.
Alec Z.

6th Grade Director's Honor Roll
Justin A.
Justin C.
Ejay C.
Tara F.
Alison O.
Leena S.
Iris W.

Chalk Talk: Robert Cohen
Thursday, April 7
6:00pm - 7:30pm
Fairmont Edgewood Campus
12421 Newport Avenue
Santa Ana, CA

iPhones, iPads, Blackberries, Droids...I'm Lost
Today, cell phones do so much more than make phone calls and send text messages, but how do we know which of the thousands of apps are actually worth downloading? And once they're downloaded, how do we use them? Join Bob Cohen, Smartphone expert and esteemed technology coach, for an interactive workshop to learn how to make the most of these new technologies.


Friday, April 1st
NO SCHOOL (No Fooling!) - Teacher In-Service Day

Saturday, April 2nd
7th and 8th Grade Pentathlon Competition
Bolsa Grande High School

Monday, April 4th
Elementary Soccer: Mable vs. Oakridge
3:00 pm
Home Game

Tuesday, April 5th
Pilates for Parents
8:30 - 9:00 am
JH Stage Area

Wednesday, April 6th
Third Grade Study Trip: Indian Trails
Knott's Berry Farm

Elementary Soccer: Mable vs. Edgewood
3:00 pm
Away Game

Friday, April 8th
Teacher Appreciation Luncheon

Monday, April 11th
Elementary Soccer: Mable vs. Camelot
3:00 pm
Home Game

Tuesday, April 12th
7th Grade Speech Festival
1:45 pm Mable Cafeteria Stage

Wednesday, April 13th
3rd Grade Spelling Bee
9:00 am
Mable Cafeteria Stage

8th Grade Speech Festival
1:45 pm
Mable Cafeteria Stage

Elementary Soccer: Mable vs. Anaheim Hills
3:00 pm
Away Game

Thursday, April 14th
Parent Association Meeting/
Screening of Waiting for Superman
8:30 am
Mable Library

Friday, April 15th
FPA Talent Show
7:00 pm
Mable Cafeteria Stage

Contributed by Karen, Mable Campus

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