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Photo of the Week: Eighth Grader Kayla B., presides over a mock trial at the Superior Court of California, North Justice Center.

Eighth Grade Visits Orange County Courthouse
The 8th graders visited the North Justice Center in Fullerton and witnessed first-hand the administration of justice.  They observed actual court proceedings, visited the jury assembly room, glimpsed the inmates' intake and holding areas, met representatives of the District Attorney's office and the Sherriff's Department.  Our eighth graders then participated in a scripted mock trial with the objective of teaching the students the role of various participants in a courtroom setting (judge, attorney, witness, baliff, clerk, etc).  They then met with a judicial officer to talk to the students about the legal consequences of one's actions.

Fourth Grade Spelling Bee
Congratulations to all the participants in the 4th grade spelling bee.
Sarah H. - 1st place
Arezu M. - 2nd place
Sophia B. - 3rd Place (tie)
Jelissa L. - 3rd Place (tie)
Allison T. - 3rd Place (tie)

Emory D.
Alejandra M.
Elias A.
Ashlyn N.
Liam P.
Thomas L.
Mariano C.
Sameera S.
Sunny Y.
Bita Z.
Aidan A.

Spring Portraits Tuesday, April 5
Spring portraits will be taken of ALL students.  Please dress your child in the clothes you would like them to wear for this spring photograph!  In a few weeks Lifetouch will be sending a package of the pictures home with your child, and you may purchase the entire package or 1-4 sheets of the pictures, and then RETURN the pictures you are not interested in purchasing.  

Chalk Talk: Robert Cohen 
Thursday, April 7
6:00pm - 7:30pm              
Fairmont Edgewood Campus
12421 Newport Avenue
Santa Ana, CA

iPhones, iPads, Blackberries, Droids...I'm Lost
Today, cell phones do so much more than make phone calls and send text messages, but how do we know which of the thousands of apps are actually worth downloading? And once they're downloaded, how do we use them? Join Bob Cohen, Smartphone expert and esteemed technology coach, for an interactive workshop to learn how to make the most of these new technologies.

Anaheim Hills Junior High Debate
Congratulations Yvonne K.!
The Anaheim Hills campus won the top individual honor "Golden Gavel" for the fourth straight tournament!  In the team division they won first, second, and fourth place!

1     Anaheim Hills CLT  Nicky C., Lauren Lee., Sabrina T.
2     Anaheim Hills KCP Yvonne K.,  River C., Sassoon P.
3     Edgewood FMC Nick F., Amanda M., Amanda C.
4     Anaheim Hills PWJ Kyle P.,  Emily W.,  Alice J.

1     Yvonne K.  Anaheim Hills
2     River C.   Anaheim Hills
3     Sassoon P.   Anaheim Hills
4     Emily W.  Anaheim Hills
5     Ann G.   Pegasus
6     Lauren L.  Anaheim Hills
7     Nick F. Edgewood
8     Amanda C. Edgewood
9     Chris F.  Pegasus
10    Sabrina T.    Anaheim Hills
11    William A.   Heritage Oak
12    Amanda M.     Edgewood
13    Kyle P.  Anaheim Hills
14    Jia Xuan L. Anaheim Hills
15    Sonali N.     Independent
16    Francisco B. Edgewood
17    Carlos A.    Serra Catholic
18    LeeEl Y.  Hebrew Academy
19    Niki N. Pegasus
20    Alice J.  Anaheim Hills
21    Nicky C.    Anaheim Hills

Third Grade Musical Showcase 
Our Third Graders can also recognize famous masterworks by great composers.  They also improvised dance movements that reflected a specific pattern by Beethoven.  For the last two weeks they have been choreographing a complicated dance to music by Saint-Saens'  work, "Danse Macabre".

On March 31, the Third Graders showed that they are becoming literate musicians.  They did the following things in 6/8 meter:  play instruments to the beat, use the Gordon Rhythmic System to read and speak rhythms, dictate rhythms, and learned to listen critically to discern one rhythm from many other rhythms. 

AH Cougar Sports
Tri-Way Boys Soccer vs Edgewood
Cougars WIN 5-0

Tri-Way Girls Soccer vs Edgewood
Lady Cougars WIN 3-0


SNACK TIME eat right with color

Monday, April 4
-"Bring A Friend to School" Day
-Tri-Way Pep Rally 1:20pm 
-Tri-Way Soccer Play-Offs

Tuesday, April 5
-Spring Portraits
-Third Grade Spelling Bee 1:00pm
-Tri-Way Soccer Semi-Finals 

Wednesday, April 6
-Fifth Grade leaves for Catalina Island  (3-Day Trip)
-Junior High Science Fair Winners participate in Orange County Science Fair at Orange County Fairgrounds

Thursday, April 7
-Second Grade to Wizard of OZ
-Tri-Way Soccer Finals at Pegasus

Friday, April 8
-Junior High Fun Friday at Knott's Berry Farm
-Fifth Grade returns from Catalina

Contributed by Vicky, Anaheim Hills Campus 

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