Friday, December 3

SCOREBOARD game highlights: mable girls basketball vs. edgewood

Mable Tri-Way Girls Basketball vs. Edgewood Eagles
December 2, 2010

Final Score: Mable 25-Edgewood 8
The Junior High Panthers closed out their first week of basketball with a win against the Edgewood Eagles. Point guard Sheryne N. led the team with 9 points and 3 steals. All the girls played well and we saw some points from a newcomer to the game, Lauren H who contributed 2 points, 2 steals and several rebounds. Madi N., and Liza M. also helped on defense by pressuring the ball handlers and converting turnovers into points.

This was a great game that showed the girls on the team exactly what they could do on the court. Our next game will be against Carden Hall on Tuesday, December 7th.

Contributed by Karen, Mable Campus

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