Friday, October 22

SCOREBOARD game highlights: mable girls volleyball vs oakridge bears

Mable Panthers vs. Oakridge Bears, Junior High (Tri-Way) Volleyball
October 20, 2010

Final Score:  Mable Defeats Oakridge: 25-23, 25-22

The junior high volleyball team earned their third win with their match against Oakridge. The Lady Panthers had to battle back from some point deficits, but the team played very well overall. Karla G. was key in getting some excellent passes to our setters. Sheryne N. and Julie S. both executed some great attacks against Oakridge.  More accurate hitting was seen from Brianna P. and Phoebe S. As always, Lauren H. was consistent at the serving position. Skylar H. and Leanne A. played well, subbing from the bench and contributing several points while on the floor.

The volleyball team is right on the cusp of making it to play-offs this year. Every win is now vital, and we look forward to our next game on Monday, October 25th at the Edgewood Campus.

Contributed by Karen, Mable Campus

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