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Tuesday, March 15

FACULTY LOUNGE edgewood athletic director wears many hats

Karen Letson-Drake started working at Edgewood in 1981 as an elementary teacher, then became a specials teacher and years later began coaching. She attended Oregon State and received her Bachelors of Science in Elementary & Physical Education. Mrs. Letson-Drake is currently teaching Study Skills to 6th, 7th & 8th graders and Physical Education to 4th-8th graders. She is also the athletic director and head coach of the girls volleyball, basketball and soccer teams. When she is not in the classroom or on the court/field working with Fairmont students, she enjoys cooking, spending time with her daughters, and designing bulletin boards. Some of her most special memories over the years at Fairmont have been her time spent coaching and chaperoning travel week. “I wear many hats here at Edgewood and enjoy every minute of it!” says Mrs. Letson Drake.

Contributed by Jonna, Edgewood campus

Tuesday, February 15

FACULTY LOUNGE mable introduces 5th and 6th grade faculty

Pictured above from left to right: Mr. Joseph Edmisten, Miss Ashley Gormin, Mrs. Marla Kuka, Mrs. Kellie Cameron, and Mr. Matt Calabria

Faculty Fun Facts

They are smart, dedicated and love their students, but did you know these interesting facts about Mable Campus’ fifth and sixth grade teachers?

Mr. Joseph Edmisten
When he was in 4-H as a child, he raised pigs.

Miss Ashley Gormin
While in college, she studied abroad in Switzerland.

Mrs. Marla Kuka
Her favorite hobby is sewing quilts.

Mrs. Kellie Cameron
Has four children….ALL GIRLS!

Mr. Matt Calabria
Has spent 3/4 of his life at Fairmont, first as a student from kindergarten through 8th grade and now as a teacher.

Contributed by Karen, Mable campus

FACULTY LOUNGE edgewood features porsha lottes

Porsha Lottes has been a third grade teacher at the Edgewood campus for the past five years. She is currently the grade level coordinator and also serves on the Tiger Team, a team designed around the use of new educational technology tools such as the interactive white board.   

She graduated from Northern Arizona University with a bachelor of science in early childhood education. Longing for the ocean breeze and sunshine, Porsha immediately moved to Southern California after graduation and was hired as a Montessori teacher in Mission Viejo. She taught first through fifth grade in an all-inclusive elementary classroom.  

After five years of Montessori teaching, she longed for a more traditional classroom.  A good friend of hers kept raving about this new school she was teaching at and encouraged her to apply.  One summer later, Porsha was teaching alongside her friend, here at Fairmont.  

Having experienced a range of public and private school settings, she says, "Fairmont has been the best environment in which to work. Not only do we have the best administration, admissions, and co-workers, but also the best parents.  Every day I look forward to teaching and working at such a wonderful school." 

In her free time, Porsha is very involved in church and loves spending time with her family, reading, yoga, traveling, and being outdoors.

Contributed by: Jonna, Edgewood campus

FACULTY LOUNGE anaheim hills' spotlights susanna deleon

Junior High Spanish teacher Susanna DeLeon came to Fairmont’s Anaheim Hills campus in 2003 as the Spanish teacher for 3rd-8th grade students.  As the junior high program grew, she moved over to work with junior high students exclusively.  She has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a master’s degree in Education, both from Loyola Marymount University.  Susanna loves to travel, especially to her husband’s native state of Hawaii.  She also enjoys baking, crafting, and reading-- including biographies and her latest favorite the “Twilight” series.   

“I love interacting with our junior high students and getting to know them better each of the three years I am their teacher.  It’s so rewarding seeing the growth they experience as students from 6th-8th grades,” says Susanna who has been so impressed with Fairmont that she now sends her own children here.
One of Mrs. DeLeon's students shows off the Día de los Muertos sugar skull she decorated in class.

Contributed by: Vicky, Anaheim Hills campus