Tuesday, February 15

FACULTY LOUNGE mable introduces 5th and 6th grade faculty

Pictured above from left to right: Mr. Joseph Edmisten, Miss Ashley Gormin, Mrs. Marla Kuka, Mrs. Kellie Cameron, and Mr. Matt Calabria

Faculty Fun Facts

They are smart, dedicated and love their students, but did you know these interesting facts about Mable Campus’ fifth and sixth grade teachers?

Mr. Joseph Edmisten
When he was in 4-H as a child, he raised pigs.

Miss Ashley Gormin
While in college, she studied abroad in Switzerland.

Mrs. Marla Kuka
Her favorite hobby is sewing quilts.

Mrs. Kellie Cameron
Has four children….ALL GIRLS!

Mr. Matt Calabria
Has spent 3/4 of his life at Fairmont, first as a student from kindergarten through 8th grade and now as a teacher.

Contributed by Karen, Mable campus

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