Thursday, October 16

NEW AND NOTEWORTHY P-8 educational apps recommendations

Fairmont’s own Technology Enhanced Curriculum Specialist, Dr. Rebecca Osborne, recently recommended several educational apps for enhancing a child’s learning experience. She also listed apps for helping students (and parents) stay organized and enable parents to monitor a child’s iPad use.

Academic apps and games play a major role in 21st century learning. The term “gamification” is used in educational circles to refer to electronic game platforms designed to help students learn and practice academic subjects. 

With access to laptops, tablets and smartphones in the classroom and at home, teachers, students and families are integrating more digital tools into the learning process. The results include a significant increase in student motivation along with greater levels of engagement with teachers, other students and parents.

Academic Apps and Games:
Brainpop Jr - Elementary
Writing Wizard and Cursive Writing Wizard - P-2nd
Lobster Diver - Numberline Math app for 3-8
Tellagami and PuppetPals - Animation apps for all grade levels
Bill Nye the Science Guy - Elementary and JH science videos and virtual experiments

Getting Organized:
Evernote:Taking notes, tracking recipes and so much more ( for more info)
Gmail: Get your Gmail accounts on your iPad, real-time notifications, multiple account support and search across your entire inbox
Sunrise: Calendar with a variety of great features, including weather, directions and more.
Any.Do: Easy-to-use to-do list app

iPad Monitoring:
PeekTab - Monitor usage, pictures taken, etc.  (a bit pricey)
TimeLock: Limit usage of the iPad

Parents can also see purchases made in the App Store using these instructions.

Contributed by Doug Fleischli

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