Monday, September 23

BOOK REPORT johnny appleseed by steven kellogg

It's Johnny Appleseed time for most students this time of year. Kindergarten and early elementary school students get to hear about Johnny Appleseed for the first time. But if you have elementary-aged kids who want to learn more about Johnny Appleseed's life, Steven Kellogg's "Johnny Appleseed" is a great place to start. 

Your student will read about John Chapman's (Johnny Appleseed's real name) early life as a child picking apples in the fall to when he travels into the wilderness and meets native Americans. It is an entertaining biographical story that follows chronologically from childhood to the end of his life when he became a living American folk hero. Kellogg is great at melding fact and fiction while letting us know the difference. His illustrations are lively and help tell the story. If your 1st-3rd grader is interested in learning more about Johnny Appleseed, this is the perfect book. Enjoy with some apple pie, apple cider, apple fritters...!

Contributed by Darcy, Fairmont Private Schools

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