Wednesday, July 10

THE FAIRMONT FIVE summer boredom busters

The Fourth of July holiday is now behind us and summer is starting to get a little less exciting around our house. Maybe, you're in a summer slump too, and as Dr. Seuss so aptly puts it, "un-slumping yourself is not easily done".  However, with a little effort (yes, kids, it's time to turn off the TV), a little creativity, and a few glue sticks thrown in just for fun, you can get in that summer spirit all over again.  Here are some ideas that have worked for me:
  1. Get out and about - I know it's fun to stay in your pajamas all day, but a few days of vegging out and your kids will ready for some serious stimulation.  It's time to load up and go for an adventure! Have you been to Bower's Museum (or their Kidseum), Discovery Science Center or the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific? What about a boat ride to Catalina or a camping trip to Lake Arrowhead? There's so much to do, to see, and to experience before the school bell rings!
  2. Plan a party - So what if your kids aren't having a birthday this summer--that's no reason to forgo summer celebrations. Let your kids help you plan a fun get-together for friends complete with special food and games.  Need inspiration for your theme?  How 'bout a summer star-gazing party, a backyard camp-out party, an outdoor movie night, a midsummer night's dream party...
  3. Hit the books - Fire up your kids' brains with a trip to your local library or bookstore.  Let them create their own summer reading list or research a topic a week that interests them.  Offer incentives when your kids read a certain number of books or better yet, write about what they are reading in a journal.
  4. Give back - Summer is a great time to encourage children to get involved in giving back. Encourage your kids to stage a bake sale or lemonade stand and give the money to a charity they connect with.  Spend some time cleaning out closets and gathering gently used toys and clothing to donate.  Create artwork for a local senior center or write letters to soldiers overseas.
  5. Play games - Whether it's planning a weekly Family Game Night or coming up with fun ideas for at-home playdates make sure to make play center stage this summer.  Have you had a teddy bear picnic yet?  What about a superhero water gun fight?  I'm a big fan of old-fashioned outdoor games like sack races and three-legged races.  Hopscotch is another fun, easy game and you can modify it to teach math facts and sight words. 
Need more inspiration?  Check out Fairmont's Art of Play board on Pinterest.

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Contributed by Danyelle, Fairmont Private Schools

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