Wednesday, July 17

SHORT STORY summer takes flight

Every day this summer, Fairmont's Summer Program campers have been treated to fun, learning, and a few surprises--like when this dove found a friendly perch on an Anaheim Hills' camper's arm during a hands-on animal presentation!  We love that Fairmont's summer program keeps kids engaged all summer long with lessons that go beyond reading, writing and arithmetic to pique children's curiosity and get them thinking and engaging with one another.  As this article from Peg Smith of the American Camp Association illustrates, camp experiences teach 21st century skills like creativity and collaboration.  They "let kids be kids" and encourage getting dirty, playing outdoors, and free play. 

Whatever your child is doing this summer, be sure to unplug and make play a part of every day!

Contributed by Danyelle, Fairmont Private Schools

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