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Police Dog
Anaheim Hills preschoolers met local police and police K-9 for Week of the Young Child

Highlights From This Week
Historic Anaheim Junior High Students Have Strong Showing At Sage Hill Math Invitational
On April 13, 2013, eight junior high students from the Historic Anaheim campus participated in the Third Annual Sage Hill Mathematics Invitational. The 7th grade team consisted of Michael C., Adnan I., Michael K. and Jocelyn L., while the 8th grade team consisted of Ejay C., Han C., Tara F. and Ronik K. It is a one-day team-based competition for local middle schools. Its goal is to promote and celebrate mathematics by providing a fun environment for middle school students to collaborate and share their interests.

Competitive events include:
Grade 7
-Mental Math
1st place - Michael C.
2nd place - Michael K.
Overall 1st place - Fairmont
-Algebra and Logic
2nd place - Fairmont
-Data Analysis and Probability
-Geometry and Reasoning
-Engineering Challenge
1st place - Fairmont
7th Grade Overall Team Winner - 2nd place - Fairmont

Grade 8
-Mental Math
2nd place - Ejay C.
Overall 2nd place - Fairmont
-Algebra and Logic
-Geometry and Reasoning -1st place - Fairmont
-Engineering Challenge
8th Grade Overall Team Winner - 2nd place - Fairmont

Anaheim Hills Preschoolers Love "Week Of The Young Child"!
The Week of the Young Child started off with a high-energy "Kids are Super" show by the Nick Anderson Music Company. All the preschoolers were dancing and jiving and giggling with joy as they pretended to be butterflies, trains, frogs and fish! It was so heartwarming to see them thrilled to jump up and down with sheer joy.
The preschoolers celebrated Earth Day by planting a dwarf orange trees, carrots, daisies, broccoli, sunflowers, cucumbers, pumpkins, and watermelon seeds in the preschool garden. Our littlest gardeners really were showing us their 'green thumbs' with their shovel and careful planting skills!

Community Helpers Day was exciting as our preschoolers were visited by the Anaheim Police Department and the Anaheim Fire Department. We are so thankful to our wonderful police and fire departments for their time and kindness! Our preschoolers truly were in awe of the big trucks and sirens! A very special treat was a visit from the Anaheim Police K-9 unit, and our preschoolers loved seeing "Jager" and learning about his training.
On Thursday all our littlest students loved playing with bubbles and sidewalk chalk! We all loved having our faces painted!!

International Day was a very special way to finish this very special Week of the Young Child! Our students wore clothing from their native country or just a favorite costume and had a parade! Next on the agenda for the day was a language lesson, as a story was read to students in different languages. And of course the perfect way to end a  special day and a special cream!!

North Tustin Student Led Conferences
The North Tustin Campus Student Led Conferences were very successful. Kindergarten - 8th grade students presented a profolio to their parents and discussed their academic achievements and experiences. The first grade team has received many positive responses from both parents and students. Students worked with their teachers, Mrs. Fraser and Mrs. Chewning, to choose their favorite and best examples of academic subjects to share with their parents. These extraordinary works were then separated into 5 academic categories and organized in portfolios. Both teachers held coaching sessions with their students to prepare them for their presentation to parents. Each student completed a summary sheet with academic goals and objectives for the current trimester, and a Behavior Report Card with their personal ratings for categories like, "Do you finish your work in a timely manner?" and "Is your desk clean and neat?" These prompts helped children explain portfolio choices to their parents and guided them through the conference process. All of the students took great pride in their presentations, and parents were pleasantly surprised at how well they handled themselves during the conferences. Thanks to everyone who attended the conferences and to our wonderful students who were "Shining Stars" in their roles!

Fairmont Summer Programs: Now Enrolling! 
Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The Fairmont Summer Programs website is now LIVE and accepting applications for all the lords and ladies of the kingdom! Sign up before April 30th to receive a 10% discount on summer school and summer camp.  

Preschool-8th Grade: 
High School:

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