Friday, September 21

SHORT STORY endeavour visits Fairmont

Students at our Historic Anaheim Campus took a break from classroom studies today to witness a moment of American history when the Space Shuttle Endeavour flew over our campus on its way home to Los Angeles.

 Waiting of our Kindergarteners asked Mrs. Calabria
if we would all be going to outer space with Endeavour. So cute! :)

Mrs. Baham, Science Teacher, using her classroom iPad
to check in on Endeavour's progress towards campus

I think I see it!


 Endeavour atop a Boeing 747

 Endeavour was cheered on by all of our K-8 students as it flew directly over
the play field at our Historic Anaheim Campus--and if you don't believe us, you'll just have to watch this video for yourself!



(Many thanks to Senor G, Ms. Sarah, and Mr. Ed for the photos and videos)

Contributed by Courtney


  1. This along with the pep rally was the best school day ever so far!

  2. Shuttle Endeavour, not Endeavor...

  3. @Michael--we agree! @Anonymous--thank you for reminding us! We made the changes...

  4. Wow, talk about a historic day at the historic anaheim campus!


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