Friday, July 8

SCHOOL NEWS bill and melinda gates foundation plans to film fairmont teachers

The fact that Fairmont Private Schools has some of the best teachers around is something we've known for years.  We've also been proud to share our innovative approach to technology; blending online and in-class learning experiences to reach out to 21st century learners.  Now, the cat is out of the bag in a big way!  This June, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, working on behalf of The Teaching Channel, requested to film some of our K-2nd and high school teachers in action. The Teaching Channel is a video showcase -- on the Internet and TV -- of inspiring and effective teaching practices in America's schools.

On July 13, Wingspan Pictures, the production company working with the Foundation, will be visiting the Anaheim Hills campus to film Heather Lopez teaching an interactive Kindergarten lesson using an interactive whiteboard.  In the afternoon, they will head over to Fairmont Preparatory Academy to film Mark Hassoun teaching "The Fundamentals of Triangles" to his summer geometry class using Fairmont's hybrid online/in-class format.  Both Heather and Mark were required to meet certain qualifications set by the Foundation and had to submit detailed lesson plans for approval.  Special thanks to them for their willingness to jump on board with this project!  

Fairmont's footage will eventually appear on the Teaching Channel website, You Tube and Facebook pages and could be included in a television episode on the program "Great Lesson Ideas" this fall. Fairmont is incredibly proud of our amazing teachers and honored to have the opportunity to share what they do so well!

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