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8th grade students entertain little ones at the Bruce Hockman Carnival

Bruce Hockman Carnival   
On Friday, May 27th, eighth graders from Mable, Edgewood and Anaheim Hills campuses sponsored the 32nd annual Bruce Hockman Carnival. There were twenty-eight booths ranging from hairspray and marriage to horseshoes and fortune telling.The youngest visitors from Citron, Anaheim Hills, and Edgewood campuses loved the wands and halos and face painting booths while the older students gravitated to the inflatables. After saying goodbye to the other campuses, Mable eighth graders played on the inflatables while the seventh graders cleaned up. "It was hard work but fun to raise money for ASB," remembers Meera Mistry. "I liked working in the hairspray booth," said Alvin Chu. "The little kids were so excited and so creative."

Contributed by the journalism class, 8th grade 

6th Grade Pentathlon Awards
On June 1st, the Mable Campus held its 6th grade Pentathlon Awards Assembly to honor our pentathletes. Over 70 schools with more than 700 students from all over the county participated in this year's event, sponsored by the Orange Countey Department of Education. At the assembly Mrs. Calabria metioned a few interesting facts that highlighted the achievements and hard work by this year's pentathletes.
7 out of 18 students received an individual overall award, the most in competition
The combined score of both participating teams was 48,029 points, the highest in competition
Only two students among all contestants scored above 900 in the essay category: Bernard K. and Tara F.
Bernard K. had the highest overall score out of 700 students
Four students had perfect scores on the math exam: Leena S., Ronik K., Ejay C., and Alison O.
Congratulations to the coaches and to all the pentahletes. We thank Mrs. Kellie Cameron, Mr. Matt Calabria, and Mr. Trevor Ickes for their effort and dedication.

Fairmont Mable Team
Ejay C.
Lulin L.
Ronik K.
Alison O.
Justin C.
Matthew Liu
Rohan Dhiman
McKenna Sainburg
Sabrina Ton

Fairmont Panthers Team
Tara Falt
Leena Surapaneni
Iris Wu
Bernard Kim
Alec Zhu
Victoria Nguyen
Bryan Dong
Richa Ahir
Aleena Ferozuddin

Junior High Readiness Reminder
On Wednesday, June 8th, at 6:00 pm, the Mable Campus will host a forum to talk about junior high readiness. The transition into junior high is both exciting and challenging for students and parents alike. This forum is designed to give you a better understanding of what to expect as your child enters the junior high years, including physical changes, social and emotional adjustments, and academic expectations. Join us for refreshments to kick off the presentation. 

Contributed by Mrs. Christie DuVall, Admissions Director


LUNCHBOX june menu, mable

Tuesday, June 7
Pilates for Parents
8:30 am
JH Stage

5th grade State Fair
1:15 -2:45 pm
Mable Gymnasium

Wednesday, June 8  
8th grade Final Exams

Junior High Readiness
6:00 pm
Mable Library 

Thursday, June 9
8th grade Final Exams 

Parent Association Meeting
8:30 am
Junior High Stage Area

Friday, June 10
7th grade Final Exams
8th grade Final Exams

JH End of Year Dance
6:00 pm to 10:00 pm 
Crowne Plaza, Fullerton

Monday, June 13
7th grade Final Exams
8th grade Beach Day

Tuesday, June 14
8th grade Skip Day
7th grade Final Exams

8th grade Promotion Ceremony
6:00 pm
Mable Gymnasium

Wednesday, June 15
7th grade Community Service Day

6th grade trip to Camelot

Thursday, June 16
7th grade Beach Day

6th grade Jubilee
1:00 pm
Mable Main Stage

Friday, June 17
Last Day of School
Minimum Day
12:00 dismissal

Contributed by Karen, Mable Campus 

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