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5th grade students get ready to do some underwater exploring during their study trip to Catalina Island

5th Grade Catalina Island Trip 
Last week fifth graders earned their sea legs after completing another great trip to Catalina Island. Wednesday morning began with a heavy rain but dried as we arrived at the dock. We were just in time! The boat was leaving early due to heavy winds that were forecast for the afternoon. That made many of the students nervous, but Fairmont students, parents, and teachers are a hardy bunch. It was rough, but by the time we arrived the sun was out. After learning about the local fish and having a hilarious lesson on "How to put on a wetsuit," everyone headed out to snorkel. This was a new experience for many. That evening we braved the cold and wind to hear about the stars and constellations. The next morning dawned warm and sunny. We were off to the fish lab, the shark tank, the invertebrate lab (where we held several animals) and algae lab. There were games and activities for each of these. The wind picked up in the afternoon so unfortunately, there was no kayaking for two of the groups. Instead, they hiked to "Bible Peak" and had a lesson in archery. Lots of bull's-eyes! The other two groups visited the plankton lab and viewed creatures in a drop of water through electron microscopes. The most interesting was a squid dissection. Everyone was grossed out at first, but the instructors were funny and that helped. Friday morning brought more sunshine and no wind. Two groups were able to kayak. This was another new experience for most of the students. Muscles were used that had never been used before!

Great food, warm cabins, fabulous and funny instructors, a new grass field, wonderful parents, and smiling teachers all left us rather sad to leave the island. The anticipation of another rough boat ride made some of us anxious, but it turned out to be a smooth sail. Thank you to our chaperones Mrs. LaScola, Ms. Guzman, Dr. Chawla, Mr. Zoreikat, Mr. Dam, and Mr. Pinsky. We couldn't have made this trip without you!

Contributed by Mrs. Marla Kuka, 5th grade teacher

National Junior Honor Society returns to Mable
On May 17, 2011, the Mable Junior High held its National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) Induction Ceremony. This year, 61 members were inducted into Mable's NJHS. This was a remarkable feat in regards to students having to meet the stringent requirements set by NJHS. National Junior Honor Society is a nationally recognized organization that is dedicated to provide a strong foundation for building leadership skills through service to the school and the surrounding community. This program also honors students who have maintained an exceptional academic record along with exemplary citizenship and concern for improving society. Eligible students included third trimester sixth grade students, seventh grade, and eighth grade students that maintained at least a 3.2 GPA. The 2011 Inductees will be asked to participate in a chapter-sponsored service project as well as an individual service project that reflects his or her personal talents and interests each year.

Contributed by Mr. Trevor Ickes, JH teacher

True Grits Gift Certificate
Congratulations to Eric Song, winner of the True Grits $50.00 gift certificate drawing. The Parent Association's used uniform program wishes to thank all who donated gently used uniforms during the year.

Junior High Readiness
On Wednesday, June 8th, at 6:00 pm, the Mable Campus will host a forum to talk about junior high readiness. The transition into junior high is both exciting and challenging for students and parents alike. This forum is designed to give you a better understanding of what to expect as your child enters the junior high years, including physical changes, social and emotional adjustments, and academic expectations. Join us for refreshments to kick off the presentation.

Contributed by Mrs. Christie DuVall, Admissions Director

BOOK REPORT mable second grade teacher recommends grad season fav 
BOOK REPORT mable fifth grade teacher suggests historical fiction

Monday, May 30 
No school- Memorial Day 

Wednesday, June 1st 
6th Grade Pentathlon Awards Ceremony 
2:00 pm 
Mable Gymnasium

Thursday, June 2nd 
Junior High Drama Production 
9:30 am and 6:30 pm 
Mable Gymnasium 

Friday, June 3rd 
Minimum Day - 12 noon dismissal 

JH Awards Ceremony 
9:40 am 
Mable Front Lawn Elementary 

Sports Banquet 
5:30 pm 
Mable Gymnasium 

Tuesday, June 7 
Pilates for Parents 
8:30 am 
JH Stage 

5th grade State Fair 

Wednesday, June 8 
8th grade Final Exams Junior High Readiness 
6:00 pm 
Mable Library 

Thursday, June 9 
8th grade Final Exams 

Parent Association Meeting 
8:30 am 

Friday, June 10 
7th grade Final Exams 
8th grade Final Exams 

JH End of Year Dance 
6:00 pm to 10:00 pm 
Crowne Plaza, Fullerton 

Fairmont Prep Volleyball Try Outs 
Wednesday June 1 
JV Try Outs - Mandatory (3-5pm) 

Friday June 3 
Varsity Try Outs - Mandatory (2- 4pm) 

Wednesday June 8 
Varsity Try Outs - Mandatory (3-5pm) 

All 8th graders are welcomed to try out.

Contributed by Karen, Mable Campus

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