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FRIDAY FOLDER mable campus may 20

In the early morning on Monday, May 9, a group of sleepy 7th graders met at John Wayne Airport about to embark on a journey to Arizona.  What they did not realize is that the experience would be a life-changing opportunity.Waiting for them in "The Grand Canyon State" was a variety of activities ranging from rafting in the Colorado River to hiking in the Grand Canyon.The combined students of Mable, Edgewood, and Anaheim Hills made new friends along each journey. Each night there was yet another activity to enjoy. Each day, a main event was planned for the students, who eagerly took on any challenges that came their way. One of the most popular events took place on Tuesday, when students were able to hike up Bell Rock and mountain bike across the trail. Later in day the kids jumped in for a splash at Slide Rock Park, where natural water slides and currents form a fun adventure .Wide-eyed travellers were also able to marvel at the majestic wonder of the Grand Canyon.All in all, every participant enjoyed the experience and has something to remember for a lifetime.

Contributed by David Kwon and Tarek Sahyoun, 7th grade
On Thursday May 12, Mable Jr. High hosted its annual 8th grade International Luncheon. 8th grade students participated by bringing food from their respective cultures to share. Parent volunteers transformed the cafeteria into a display of multicultural celebration, and helped make this experience memorable for the departing 8th class. Students and teachers had the opportunity to enjoy dishes from all the cultures present in our 8th grade, and learn about one another's cultural background. 8th graders Lauren Huntly, Vasiliki Courelli and Stephanie Oh commented on how outstanding the variety of dishes was, and how carefully all the food was presented. Some students also dressed in traditional attire. We thank everyone who partcipated, especially the FPA, and we look forward to our next year's event.
Contributed by Mrs. Lina Gamboa, JH teacher

No matter how you spell it, Fairmont students are "A-M-A-Z-I-N-G...AMAZING!" After a week of mock Spelling Bees, five students from each second grade classroom were chosen to enter the official Spelling Bee on May 17th The enthusiatic and gut-wrenched fans listened to seven grueling rounds until Jennifer Cresap came out on top with the correct spelling of the word "kneel." In true Fairmont fashion, the other competitors cheered for our newly crowned Spelling Bee Queen. All participants were recognized for their bravery and were awarded with a warm crowd cheer, a heartfely handshake by Mrs. Calabria, and a certificate. So hats off to all of this year's second graders and good luck to next year's participants.  

Contributed by Mr. Adame, 2nd grade teacher  


Tuesday, May 24th
6th Grade Academic Pentathlon Awards
Ceremony at 6:30 pm @ Heritage Forum in Anaheim

Wednesday, May 25th
5th Grade/JH Orchestra and Ensemble
9:00 am and 6:30 pm
Mable Gymnasium 

Friday, May 27th
Bruce Hockman Carnival

Thursday, June 2nd
Junior High Drama  Production
9:30 am and 6:30 pm
Mable Gymnasium 


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