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Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

"I Do Not Like Eggs and Peanut Butter"
I would not like them with a dog.
I would not like them on a log.
I could not eat them with a pig.
I could not eat them wearing a wig.

I do not like them on a monkey.
I do not like them with a donkey.
I will not eat them at a barn.
I will not eat them on a farm.

Courtesy of Shaan P., 1st grade

Second Graders Have "Wild" Time at the Zoo
Recently, the 2nd graders went on a field trip to the Santa Ana Zoo. While there, they toured the grounds. Some of the animals they saw were monkeys, birds, ostriches, llamas, and a hog. It was amazing to see the animals up close! The students' favorite part of the field trip was when they went into the classroom to dissect owl pellets. They were able to see what owls eat. Many students found tiny bird and rodent skulls, body parts, and teeth. Everyone had a great day at the zoo!

Article contributor: Mrs. Lynda Quintana, 2nd grade teacher

Junior High Science Fair
This year the science fair was a big success with 20 projects advancing to the county fair on Sunday, April 10th. Students who win awards at the county level will advance to the State Finals which will occur at USC on May 2nd and 3rd.

Overall Best in Show:    
Nelson L. -"The Effects of UV-A Light on the Amount of Bacteria in Lake Water"
  Grand Prize:  
Kile Y. - "The Unique Properties of Coccolithophorid Algae and Its Effects on the Biofixation of CO2"
Jessica C. - "In with Gas, Out with Pollution"
Meera M. - "The Air We Breathe: How Dirty or Clean is It Really?"
Sonam P. - "Catalytic Conquest: Exploring the Effects of Temperature on Catalase Enzymes"
First Place:  
Meeran I. - "Growing Oxygen"
Jesse W. - "Defending Vegetables from Flooding Injury with Plant Hormones"
Milan M. - "The Biodegradation of Compostable Packaging"
Kristin C. - "Fruit Wastes Converted into Energy"
Mina B.- "Hydroponics: The Inside Story"
Second Place:  
Julie S. - "Mold in My Drink!!!"
Vasiliki C. - "Organic vs. Inorganic"
Tarek H. - "Electric Avenue"
Bradley J. - "Propellers and Their Thrust"
Eric S. - "Plant Fuel"
Third Place:  
Brando P. - "Lasers and Colored Filters"
Skylar H. - "The Effects of Height and Body Symmetry on Speed and Agility"
Joshua C. - "The Effect of Dampening on a Shock Absorber"
Michael N. - "Determining the Effectiveness of Different Sunscreen Products"
Justin L. - "Efficiency of Fuels"

Overall Best in Show:  
Katie M. - "Caffeine and the Heart - A Study Using Daphnia Magna"
Grand Prize:  
David K. - "Does Your Plant Dance to Beethoven?"
Derrick L. - "Plagiarism Analysis Program"
Liza M. - "Will You Remember This?"
Matthew T. - "The Friction of Hockey"
Alec H. - "Do Different Angles of Knee Flexion Improve the Propulsion of the Breastroke Kick?"
First Place:      
LeAnne A. - "The Highlighting Effect"
Nick P. - "The Acid Hydrolysis of Biomass"
Jonathan L. - "LED Power"
Nathaniel Y. - "Phototropism - Journey Towards Light"
Second Place:  
Terence C. - "Vanishing Technology"
Tanner L. - "How Does Temperature Affect the Voltage Output of a Battery?"
Dev S. - "The Effects of Wavelengths of Light on a Solar Panel"
Shawn Y. - "The Affect on a Ball"
Austin L. - "More CO2 = Faster Growth"
Third Place:      
Emily L. - "See the Spectrum"
Edgar C. - "Reaction Times: Boys vs. Girls"
Alfred M. - "Which Angle is Most Favorable in Soccer"
Kyle K. - "Tomatoes and Fertilizers"
Jade A. - "Tooth Decay"
Jeneca G. - "Typing with Music"

Article contributor: Mr. John Briner, junior high science teacher

Monday, March 7th - Thursday, March 10th  
Book Fair Carnival
8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Mable Gymnasium

Tuesday, March 7th
JH Boys Soccer: Mable vs. TVT
Away Game

Wednesday, March 9th  
Flag Salute and Drawing for "Director for a Day"
8:30 am
Mable Front Porch

JH Boys Soccer: Mable vs. Carden Hall
Away Game

Thursday, March 10th
Parent Association Meeting
and Drawing for 2011-2012 Reserved Parking Space
8:30 am
Junior High Stage Area

Friday, March 11th

6:30 - 8:30 pm
Everyone Welcome!

Book Fair Carnival
6:00 am - 8:30 pm
Mable Gymnasium

Saturday, March 12th
Sage Hill Math Invitational
20402 Newport Coast Drive
Newport Beach, CA

Tuesday, March 15th 
2nd Grade Study Trip: Tessman Planetarium
9:00 am - 12:30 pm
Santa Ana College

JH Boys Soccer: Mable vs. Calvary
Away Game - Cabrillo Park

Wednesday, March 16th
8:30 am - 12:00 noon
Mable Field

Thursday, March 17th
Zumba Class for Parents
8:30 - 9:30 am
Junior High Stage Area

JH Boys Soccer: Mable vs. Pegasus
Away Game

Friday, March 18th 
Citron Campus Open House - Preschool through Kindergarten
5:30 - 7:30 pm
121 S. Citron St., Anaheim 92805  

Contributed by Karen, Mable Campus

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