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SCHOOL NEWS anaheim hills debate team takes first place overall school award

On Saturday, February 5th, the Anaheim Hills debate team competed in the Winter Classic Debate Tournament, hosted by the Fairmont Edgewood campus.  Anaheim Hills was one of 7 schools in attendance that equaled 30 3-person teams and 90 individual speakers.  Other schools who participated in the competition included Heritage Oak, Pegasus, Fairmont Mable, Fairmont Edgewood, and the two newest schools to the Orange County Debate League (OCDL),  Buena Park and Westpark.  Awards were given to the top 10 teams and to the top 30 individual speakers.  There were also 3 tournament awards given to the schools with the highest percentage of wins per number of individual teams they brought.  The Overall School award was given to the school with the highest number of wins.  

And here are the Anaheim Hills debate team results:

Speaker Awards:
1st Place—Kayla B. (this is the THIRD tournament in a row that an AH student has won the Golden Gavel, and Kayla’s second.)
2nd Place—Sassoon P.
3rd Place—River C.
4th Place—Lauren L.
5th Place—Yvonne K.
8th Place—Nicky C.
11th Place—Emily W.
18th Place—Alice J.
26th Place—Kyle P.
27th Place—Jia Xuan L.
28th Place—Timothy K.
29th Place—Jon S.

Team Awards
1st Place—Kayla B., River C., Sassoon P.
6th Place—Kenny D., Emily W., Timothy K.
8th Place—Nicky C., Lauren L., Yvonne K.
10th Place—Alice J., Jia Xuan L., Austin L.

Tournament Award
2nd Place—Anaheim Hills

Overall School Award

Congratulations to our fantastic team! The next OCDL tournament will be on Sunday, March 27th at Serra Catholic in Rancho Santa Margarita.

Contributed by Kristi, Education 

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