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Fifth Grade "Walk Through the American Revolution" 
Yesterday the 5th grade students had the opportunity to participate in an interactive presentation of the American Revolution. Our presenter guided us through the many important historical events surrounding this poignant part of our nation's history.  The students were assigned different historical figures to portray and many of them dressed up as their assigned character and were truly able to understand the critical decisions that took place during the founding of our nation.  All of the students were divided into teams and engaged in a friendly competition to earn the most points for their team. Our "Walk Through the American Revolution" was a wonderful way to study and learn about our history all while having a great time!!  

2011 Coupon Book 
Fairmont Private Schools would like to show our appreciation for re-enrolling with us!

Submit your re-enrollment contract by Friday February 25th and your child will receive a 2011 Coupon Book!


• 1 Raffle Coupon to Win a Reserved Parking Spot
• 1 Director Event Pass
• 1 "Happy Birthday" Free Dress Pass
• 1 Free Lunch (2011/2012 School Year)
• 1 Free Lunch (Summer 2011)
• 1 Free Extended Day Care Drop-In Coupon
• 2 Free Dress Coupons
• 2 Ice Cream Day Coupons
• 2 Cookie Day Coupons
• 2 Homework Pass Coupons

For more information, please contact Heather Churney at  

Fairmont Private School Golf Tournament 
We are looking for volunteers from the Anaheim Hills campus that would like to help plan the Fairmont Private School Golf Tournament with volunteers from the Edgewood Campus and the Prep Academy.    The tournament is scheduled for May 2011, and will require meeting in February, March, April and May. If you are interested in volunteering please contact Barry Drake at (714) 693-3812.

Junior High Science Lab 'Physics'! Speed and how is it measured?
Junior High students learned how to calculate speed with variables of weight and slope.  They worked as a group to design experiments with downhill speed using a car and ramp.  In each experiment they needed to hypothesize how each variable would affect the speed of the car on the ramp.  They recorded their hypothesis, procedure, measurements, and conclusions; and then the experimental variable, distance, time and calculated speed.  This lesson really helps students visualize the lessons they have been taught in the lecture section of the science classes.

Junior High ASB Spring Cabinet
President - JP D.
Vice-President - Jia Xian L.
Treasurer - Bryan D.
Secretary - Lauren L.
8th Grade Homeroom Rep - Rebecca C.
7th Grade Homeroom Rep - Sabrina T.
7th Grade Homeroom Rep - Spencer C.
6th Grade Homeroom Rep - Brandon T.
6th Grade Homeroom Rep - Sanjiv L.
6th Grade Homeroom Rep - Tyrese S. 


SCOREBOARD game highlights: anaheim hills girls basketball vs. pegasus

Monday, January 31
DSL Basketball @ Edgewood   Girls-3:00/Boys-4:00pm

Tuesday, February 1
DSL Basketball vs McDowell   Girls-3:00/Boys-4:00pm

Wednesday, February 2
 DSL Basketball @ Heritage Oak  Girls-3:00/Boys-4:00pm

Thursday, February 3
-Junior High Ski Trip to Mountain High
-FPA Meeting, Mr. David Jackson, President will be speaking
    8:45am in MPR

Contributed by Vicky, Anaheim Hills Campus 

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