Tuesday, November 2

SCOREBOARD game highlights: boys football vs tvt

Tri-Way Boys Football vs TVT
November 1, 2010

Final Score: Anaheim Hills beats TVT, 35-6

The Tri-Way Boys Football team crushed the TVT Lions in the first round of the play-offs 35-6!  The Cougars were mighty and forceful and are on a mission to win the league championship this year.  Currently they are 11-1, lead by running back Dylan S. and quarterback Kyle G.  Gordon L. and Andy N. have been persistent and hard-hitting on defense and offense.  Brady L. on defense has been rock solid and stops any player thinking about coming after ‘his’ quarterback!

The Cougars are back in action in the semi-finals vs Calvary on Wednesday.

Contributed by Vicky, Anaheim Hills Campus

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