Tuesday, November 16

FACULTY LOUNGE mable shines spotlight on arts faculty

Pictured are Mable's arts teachers: Mr. Graham Taylor, Miss Karen O’Hanlon, Mrs. Robin Gormin and Mrs. Adela Stella (not pictured Mrs. Marilyn Taylor and Mrs. Bella Freedman).
They're smart, they're talented and they're super artsy, but did you know...

Mr. Graham Taylor (Brass Teacher): Has hiked the John Muir Trail which is 211 miles long.

Miss Karen O’ Hanlon (Drama Teacher): Played Tina in the off-Broadway improvisation show “Tony and Tina’s Wedding.”

Mrs. Robin Gormin (Art Teacher): Has played tennis in the Pacific Sun tennis league for the past 16 years.

Mrs. Adela Stella (Music): Is a fanatic Angels fan and is anxiously waiting for next season. She and her husband enjoy taking their granddaughters to games.  They're creating a new generation of Angels fans.  GO HALOS!

Mrs. Marilyn Taylor (Woodwinds Teacher):  Was a baton twirler in her high school marching band and performed during the halftime shows for Homecoming football games.

Mrs. Bella Freedman (Strings Teacher): Has a musical miniature poodle named Nikki. Nikki plays  “trumpet” duets with Mrs. Freedman’s at-home violin students.

Contributed by Karen, Mable campus

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