Tuesday, November 23

BOOK REPORT mable's ms. roybal suggests everyone’s favorite 3rd grader...ramona!

Ramona Forever
By Beverly Cleary
Fairmont Point Level: 4.8
AR Points: 4

I really like this book because I think third graders can relate to it in real life.  It is a story about feeling older and grown up and making new discoveries.  Ramona faces drama and several life-changing events in the book. She begins to feel that Howie's grandmother dislikes her, and she has a hard time getting along with her teenager sister, Beezus. Ramona is also challenged with the marriage of her Aunt Beatrice and the birth of a new sibling. Children can relate to annoying siblings, being blamed, weddings, and the birth of a new sibling.  It’s another “Ramona” classic!

Contributed by Karen, Mable campus

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