Monday, October 11

LUNCHBOX nutritious lunch box suggestions

Last Tuesday, Whole Foods Market's Healthy Eating Specialist Gerrie Adams joined us for a fantastic Chalk Talk about easy and healthful ways to cook for a family. She shared a creative list of nutritious lunch box suggestions that we wanted to share with all of you!
  • Yummy Oat Bars (see recipe here)  
  • Sticks and Stones 
    • Carrot Sticks, Celery Sticks, Jicama Sticks, Nuts, Granola Clusters 
  • Pita Pockets 
    • You can put anything in these easy to stuff treats! 
  • Ants on a Log 
    • Celery filled with peanut butter or cream cheese topped with ants (raisins) 
  • Fruit Dippers
    • Apple Slices 
    • Carrots
  • Banana Splits 
    • Take one banana and cut in half, place at bottom of container 
    • Sprinkle favorite cereal or granola on top 
    • Top with favorite yogurt 
    • Finish off with some blueberries or strawberries
  • Roll Ups 
    • Spread a whole wheat tortilla with hummus. Add favorite veggies (artichokes, cucumbers, tomatoes, leafy greens, picks, etc) and cut them down to easy to eat pinwheel shapes.
  • Smoothie Shakers 
    •  Put your favorite smoothie in a shaker cup and freeze the night before. Smoothie should be ready to shake and drink at lunch time.
  • Trail Mixes 
    • Use prepared store mixes or make your own with your children's favorite treats. Add cocoa nibs for that little something extra.
  • Peanut Butter Snackers 
    • Make your own little peanut butter crackers using a low calorie, crunchy rice cracker. 
  • Rice and Grain Salads 
  • Bagleicious Sandwiches
    • Use whole wheat or whole grain bagels instead of bread to give a different twist to sandwiches 

Contributed by Alyssa, Marketing

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