Monday, January 21

THE FAIRMONT FIVE quotes to commemorate mlk day

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is remembered today as an American hero who fought for civil rights and freedom for all.  We celebrate his legacy with some of his most powerful words:
  1. The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.
  2. The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.
  3. An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.
  4. I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.
  5. Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable... Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.
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Contributed by Danyelle, Fairmont Private Schools

Friday, January 18

FRIDAY FOLDER january 18

                      North Tustin preschoolers visit with Dr. Sue, the Traveling Insect Zoo

Highlights From This Week
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - No School on Monday 
"I Have a Dream." These four words are a famous part of American history. They were spoken by Martin Luther King, Jr. on August 28, 1963. He was a Baptist Minister, an activist, and a distinguished leader in the African-American Civil Rights Movement. He was born on January 15, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia. He may be best known for his efforts in leading the 1963 March on Washington, where he delivered his famous speech, "I Have a Dream." He received the Nobel Peace Prize for combating racial equality through nonviolence in 1964. King was assassinated on April 4, 1968 in Memphis, Tennessee. He was posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1977 and Congressional Gold Medal in 2004. Martin Luther King Jr. Day was established as a U.S. federal holiday in 1986. It is celebrated the third Monday in January each year. Fairmont is proudly celebrating this holiday on Monday, January 21. We hope all our families enjoy the day off and remember Martin Luther King, Jr. and his bravery. 

Fairmont North Tustin Presents The Wizard of Oz 
Friday, January 25th @ 7:00 pm
Saturday, January 26th @ 3:00 pm
Tickets: $12 Angels Seats & $10 General Admission

The North Tustin Campus will put on a wonderful performance of The Wizard of Oz this month. Please be sure to attend to see the students act, dance, and sing. 

Special Academic Counseling Opportunity for 8th Graders 
Mrs. Weems, the 9th grade Academic Counselor for 2013-14 incoming freshman at Fairmont Prep, will be on site our 8th grade campuses for one day each in January. (January 29 at Historic Anaheim, January 30 at the Anaheim Hills Campus, and January 31 at the North Tustin Campus) Parents who sign up in advance for a 45-minute appointment will be able meet one-on-one with Mrs. Weems to create their student's Prep Four-Year High School to College Plan. Mrs. Weems will have the student's transcripts at the meeting, so she can suggest the best and most individualized course of study.

For those interested in the Medical Magnet or Engineering Magnet, an appointment with Mr. Prado, the Magnet Counselor is advised. Mr. Prado will be happy to schedule 45-minute appointments with those Fairmont 8th grade parents who contact him directly. Email Mr. Prado directly to meet with him at the Prep. His email address is

Please sign up for your time with Mrs. Weems at the front desk of your campus. Space is limited for this special opportunity. 

Wednesday, January 16

HOW TO organize your child's room

January is a time for new beginnings. Use this time to create a new beginning for your child's room. An organized room means a happier child and parent. It might seem daunting but use these five tips to get started, and you'll be done before you know it. 

1. Start at the bottom
Get on your child's level and look at their room with a fresh eye. See what works and what doesn't. Are shelves too high? Is there space that isn't being utilized? Put together a plan. 

2. Purge
With new toys and clothes coming in, unused ones need to leave. Have your child help with this step and decide together what will stay, go to the trash, or be donated. Make this step go faster by agreeing that if a toy or item of clothing hasn't been used in X amount of months, it needs to go.

3. Buy
After buying countless gifts for Christmas, spending more might not sound positive. But there's a possibility you already have these organization items, and if you don't, the investment is well worthwhile. To make a difference in your child's room you need bins and hooks. Bins allow easy access to toys and books, and hooks help to use space that wasn't used before. 

4. Label
Labeling bins, boxes, and drawers will help everyone (including you) remember where things go. When everything has its place, the room will look a lot neater.

5. Rotate
Once you have organized you might see that you still don't have room for everything. Don't despair. Putting seasonal clothes in the garage is always an option. And for toys, you can always keep bins of toys in the garage and rotate them with the ones in the room every three or four months. Your child will most likely have forgotten about some of the stored toys, and it will seem like Christmas all over again!

If you want your newly organized room to stay organized, make sure you teach your child what is being done so they can keep it up on their own. And always remember to have fun doing it! 

Contributed by Darcy, Fairmont Private Schools 

Monday, January 14

ARTS & CRAFTS snowglobes

Who doesn't love a snow globe? I admit, I'm a big fan.  There's just something magical about these mini winter wonderlands enclosed in glass. We aren't likely to be getting snow for real this winter, but there's no harm in dreaming. This craft from Martha Stewart Living is sure to set your kids' imagination free to conjure their very own snow day.

Image from Martha Stewart Living
Contributed by Danyelle, Fairmont Private Schools

Friday, January 11

FRIDAY FOLDER january 11


Highlights From This Week
Fairmont Prep Community Open House 
Thursday, January 17 

We invite Fairmont P-8 families to join the Fairmont Prep community at our annual open house event. The evening will kick off with the Grand Opening of our brand new College and Counseling Center. Then you will have the opportunity to tour the campus, visit classrooms, and attend a student panel to hear more about our campus life and special programs.  
Click Here to RSVP  

How to Train Your Dragon Assembly 
The Anaheim Ducks & Dreamworks, How to Train Your Dragon crew came to Fairmont North Tustin for an Anti-Bullying Assembly on Wednesday, Jan. 9th. The students learned that it is OK to be different and how to be respectful of others in a fun, interactive way. Check out the video here

Wednesday, January 9

BOOK REPORT over and under the snow

Over and Under the Snow
Written by Kate Messner, Illustrated by Chris Silas Neal

Over the snow, the world is hushed and white. But under the snow exists a secret kingdom of squirrels and snow hares, bears and bullfrogs, and many other animals that live through the winter safe and warm, awake and busy, under the snow. Discover the wonder and activity that lies beneath winter’s snowy landscape in this magical book. 

The beautiful mixed-media illustrations and poetic prose has made this picture book a winter favorite at my home! For other great winter picture book recommendations, check out this pin on Fairmont's Pinterest account.

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Contributed by Danyelle, Fairmont Private Schools

Monday, January 7

THE FAIRMONT FIVE family resolutions

It's a new year and plenty of people are already hard at work making their resolutions a reality. I have a few personal resolutions (lose those last few stubborn pounds of baby weight, read more, exercise...) but when you're a mom, there's no changing your life without changing the life of your family.  I love the opportunity a new year affords to take stock of things and begin, again, at the tough work of being the best mom I can be. I'm planning to channel this resolution-making energy into some doable goals for me and my family in 2013.  Here are some tips I found helpful from Dr. Phil for making my list of Family Resolutions:
  1. Take inventory and prioritize. If you want to turn chaos into harmony and rhythm in your household, you have to be willing to challenge everything. Nothing is sacred. You may have to change your lifestyle, rearrange your schedule or drop some of your commitments in order to fully benefit your family. Are your children involved in too many activities? Are you so busy you never have time alone with your spouse? Ask yourself what's really important to you and your family.
  2. Learn to delegate. Oftentimes, mothers take it all on themselves when their children are old enough to lend a helping hand. You can't do everything. It's admirable, but not realistic. Divide up the labor and responsibilities so you're not so worn out all the time. Give your kids specific tasks that they can each be responsible for. Your kids will appreciate it. It'll make them feel helpful and you'll have more to give them in return.
  3. Create family rituals. Plan something fun for everyone to look forward to. Pick one night a week for game night. It's the time to de-stress, decompress, relax and have fun together without the TV on or the phone ringing. Do your children like to bake? Bake something new every week. Find special things to do every holiday or birthday. Your kids may roll their eyes, but their ears still work and they'll be grateful for the time together. 
  4. Make each child feel special. Make a commitment to have "dates" with each of your kids. Find one thing you can do that's unique to each child that you don't do with the other kids. Know that you are very important to your children. The time you spend with them is vital to who they become as adults. 
  5. Nurture your relationship with your spouse. One of the most important things you can do for your children is to take care of their mom and dad. Don't stop being friends and lovers because you've become parents. Schedule in date night for just the two of you. Remember why you fell in love in the first place. 
Image above from Design Sponge: New Year’s Resolution from Sierra of Poppies & Posies

Contributed by Danyelle, Fairmont Private Schools