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Monday, October 13

FAIRMONT FIVE fun, non-spooky Halloween costume ideas

FROZEN Princess Anna
Toothless Dragon

What will you be for Halloween?

Halloween is a fun time to indulge in your playful imagination with your children. Here are some ideas to inspire your fun Halloween creativity side while steering away from the serious spooky look. 

2.       Easy fairy costume

3.       FROZEN Princess Anna   

4.       Toothless Dragon

5.       Easy Bat Wings

 Contributed by Doug Fleischli
Images from Truffles & Rain Boots and Tried & True

Wednesday, April 3

BOOK REPORT fairy tales with a twist

Since launching Fairmont's summer program, we've all had fairy tales on the brain.  We love those "happily ever after" stories complete with princesses, dragons, and magical godmothers. But fairy tales are even more fun when they're told with a twist, like these five original takes on familiar tales. 

Kate and the Beanstalk
by Mary Pope Osborne

Bubba the Cowboy Prince
by Helen Ketteman

Cinder Edna
by Ellen Jackson

The True Story of the Three Little Pigs
by Jon Scieszka

Dusty Locks and the Three Little Bears
by Susan Lowell

Image from barnesandnoble
Contributed by Danyelle, Fairmont Private Schools

Monday, March 25

THE FAIRMONT FIVE fairy tale summer

This year, Fairmont's summer program has taken its inspiration from fairy tales.  From Jack in the Beanstalk to the Princess and the Pea, we let our imaginations take us far, far away on a journey to a world compete with knights-in-shining-armor, fire-breathing dragons and, of course, princesses.  

The story of how Fairmont Private Schools came into being back in 1953 is a kind of fairy tale.  There was a humble schoolteacher with a big dream.  He worked  long and hard and found lots of other great teachers along the way who shared his dream.  Sixty years later and Fairmont Private Schools is now educating bright, imaginative, courageous kids in Southern California and all over the world.  It's a happily-ever-after story that continues this summer at Fairmont Private Schools.  

Whether you enroll in our incredible summer program or create your own DIY summer camp at home, we think you'll love these five fairy tale activities, for more inspiration head to Fairmont's Once Upon a Time Pinterest board.
  1. Fairy wand tutorial
  2. Mini-crown craft
  3. Crystallized "dragon" eggs
  4. Monster slime recipe
  5. Red riding hood snack

Image from weheartit
Contributed by Danyelle, Fairmont Private Schools

Wednesday, March 13

SCHOOL NEWS happily ever after summer

I know what you're's not officially spring yet, so it's much too soon to start thinking about summer!  I guess that depends upon who you are.  Most of our students here at Fairmont think it's NEVER too soon to start thinking about summer.  And Fairmont Summer Programs' staff have summer on the brain all year long, dreaming up ways to make summer break fun, exciting, and educational for the children who attend Fairmont's camp, school and enrichment workshops.

This year, we put our heads together to create a whimsical "Happily Ever After" theme complete with dragons, princesses, castles, and knights-in-shining-armor.  We were inspired by the Albert Einstein quote, "If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales.  If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales." (Follow our Pinterest Board for fairy tale-inspired crafts, activities and more)

Studies show that today's kids need more practice using their imagination, developing their creativity, and strengthening their relationships with others.  These skills are must-haves for the big, wide 21st century world where our children are headed one day. In addition to building academic skills and confidence, Fairmont's summer programs help kids think beyond the textbook and learn how to connect with others.

If you're just warming up to the idea of planning your kids' summer schedule, visit for all the details about Fairmont Summer Programs.  Fairmont offers flexible scheduling to suit the needs of busy families with programs at all four of Fairmont's Orange County campus locations. Enroll before April 30th, and you can take advantage of 10%-off summer camp and summer school!

Image artwork created by Sarah Anderson
Contributed by Danyelle, Fairmont Private Schools